How to Write a Blog Post for Your Website


Creating up-to-date posts with high target audience interest, ideas, and well-organized content is only a half of success. So, any copywriter or blogger should focus on SEO metrics and visualization elements to make your story stunning and exciting.

As a productive, informative tool, eCommerce businesses, scientists, or influencers use articles for a blog to manage several valuable tasks:

  • modify opinions and consumption behavior of the random and permanent clients;
  • share curious facts about DIY activities, health, and cosmetological procedures, or business analytical reports;
  • strengthen reliable business-to-client relations.

From the article you will learn about 5 easy steps on how to write a blog post:

Step 1 How to plan your blog post?

  • Choose the topic
  • Determine the type of your article
  • Do research on the topic you choose
  • Create the structure of your article
  • Start writing

Step 2 How to make a blog with SEO tools?

  • Integrate a CMS for well-managed website content
  • Think about hot headlines
  • Choose keywords of the articles for blogs carefully

Step 3 Writing tips for successful blogs

  • Structure your topic into particular blocks
  • Avoid repetitions, slang, and impolite phrases
  • Talk to your reader like you do to your friend
  • Confirm your information by statistics or research
  • Approve your conclusions with respective links

Step 4 Select post-associated images

Step 5 Edit your article

  • Examples of a blog post template

5 Easy Steps on How to Write a Blog Post

5 Easy Steps on How to Write a Blog Post

To draft clickable blog topics, you can apply different techniques and specific knowledge from famous bloggers and creative companies. However, no theoretical know-how or scientific research could become the primary secret to clarifying how to start blogging.

Therefore, the answers to questions like “What does a blog look like?” and “How to start writing a blog?” are based on the blogging strategy and digital content management systems to increase website visits and make your eCommerce business successful. Ironic or designed illustrations individually prepared for the blog sections enhance the general text content and simplify the concept understanding for the readers.

A successful blog results from practical experience received upon the long-term efforts, investigation measures, and available automatic platforms chosen for your posts’ popularity. The steps below tell you all you need to know about making a blog.

Step 1: How to Plan Your Blog Post?

Step 1 How to Planning Your Blog Post

Before you start writing, you should gather all the information for client-oriented and highly demanded blogs. As such, you should investigate your business target audience and their expectations. The top discussions and key search queries will clue topics on demand. The fact-findings will provide the whole picture of exciting ideas and spheres of adequate data storage. In addition, the final preparatory task is to structure all the collected information you wish to insert into the blog post.

Choose the Topic

The topic is the centerpiece of your future post. If you are an independent blogger, you may tell stories of your life and habits or share your opinions and attitudes on global matters. The commercial websites, in turn, focus on articles related to their business fields for accumulating sales via blogs.

Determine the Type of Your Article

Blogs are not diary-cited texts discovering new sides to your business. Indeed, you may find different articles to align with your topics and business specialization:

  • How to… - These specific posts are dedicated to clarifying aspects and particularities of some processes or DIY techniques. How to repair your dishwasher, impress your girlfriend on Valentine’s Day, choose the best location for your photo studio, and even make a blog are primitive samples of posts for website blog sections. The choice should obligatorily consider popular queries in search engines.
  • Case studies. The data-enriched investigation presented in a public manner could be found on websites of universities or clinical institutions. Such posts orient to a closely selected target audience and have a detailed preparatory stage.
  • Reviews. Owning an eCommerce website may release reviews of cutting-edge shopping platforms and sales optimization apps. These articles explain features and updates of new gadgets and software for potential customers.
  • Lifestyle articles. Numerous food, travel, and entertainment bloggers and vloggers have become incredibly popular due to typical blog post templates, charismatic mode to present information, and ability to modify their blogging strategy in line with customers’ demands.
  • QA posts. You may apply QA posts or FAQ options to build your business decisions based on customer behavior and opinion. Therefore, you may attract random clients who use similar queries in search engines

Do Research on the Topic you Choose

Reliable statistical data enhances the article composition and confirms the presented analytical conclusions. So, the copywriting brainstorm team should properly analyze available dynamic trends and forecasts to provide your readers with interactive and news-based investigations.

Create the Structure of your Article

You should prepare an indicative blog post template and count words for approximate block size. In practice, blogs vary from 600 to 2000+ words to avoid unreasonable facts and monotonous paragraphs. Only accurate information which shows answers on demand is worth attention.

Start Writing!

Once a preparation checklist is done, you may start writing your blog. However, do not forget about its following click-through rate. However, to make your blog popular among readers and information seekers, you should use content management systems and SEO tools.

Step 2: How to Make a Blog with SEO tools?

Step 2 How to Make a Blog with SEO tools

SEO tools and methods are essential for content analytical tasks you should fulfill to clarify how to start blog writing. Keywords and top searching headlines guarantee the high popularity of your posts inserted in the blog section and increase your website visits.

Integrate a CMS for Well-Managed Website Content

WordPress, Shopify, or Wix are the best apps to create, modify, and manage your website content. Publishing posts on the website blog is only the initial step that expands customer size. A content management system is an SEO tool designed to:

  • offer blog post templates and quickly edit the initially published articles;
  • analyze the customer activities and search for the most asked questions in the global network;
  • support tagging features for the posts and provide standardized text formatting and styling.

The integrated content management system simplifies copywriting measures by referring to long-term perspectives. In particular, such helpful software solutions organize preparatory actions for content improvements and post-analytical activities to measure the results.

Think about Hot Headlines

Headlines should be hot, eye-catching, and curious. The blog titles include remarkable keywords and sophisticated structures to proclaim the main concepts of the articles posted.
Suppose you are working on professional articles about specific eCommerce areas, providing analytical assessments to insurance markets, or clinical research articles. In that case, you are recommended to apply the How to… blog-style or direct topic message you might foresee for the conclusion.

Personal or creative blogs require great headlines. Unique logic headline structure is designed to catch the readers’ attention and keep it constant for the following publications.

Choose Keywords of the Articles for Blogs Carefully

You could hardly make your blog post popular without keywords. These frequently searched phrases, or singular words create engaging text with high demand among potential readers.
However, you can not review search engine trends and receive the preferable keywords that stimulate readers to visit your website. Hence, preparatory measures regarding the keywords usually include:

  • using appropriate APIs which analyze available inquiries and generate keywords in a few minutes upon the inserted topic phrases;
  • applying the ready-made SEO-based apps or software to manage keyword generation processes, and providing post-publication activities for customer activity assessment;
  • building sentences and paragraphs with keywords in a particular order. It means that the most popular phrases could be used more frequently, and some complete statements would be met once or a few times.

So, if you become successful in SEO tools, you will know the secrets of how to start a blog-supportive website.

Step 3: Writing Tips for Successful Blogs

Step 3  Writing Tips for Successful Blogs

You have organized all SEO elements and fulfilled preparatory measures. So, you may go ahead with the blog post template process. Consider every piece of advice you prepare to avoid potential obstacles and misunderstandings because your blog goal is to attract customers and not to reduce their number.

Structure your Topic into Particular Blocks

A blog post should not look like a monologue, essay, or fairytale. It has a particular structure that simplifies conceptual understanding and gives short answers on issues raised by the article:

  • Intro. The introduction part is a trailer or teaser to your following text. It makes readers continue reading and provides short explanations for the problematic matters you wish to discuss;
  • Main part. All articles designed for a blog section have a significant component following the intro. It usually consists of several blocks and subblocks, which provide a comprehensive picture of the different sides of the article. If your post is dedicated to auto market trends, your main part discovers the new models, recommendations about car choices per capacities and budget, and some reviews of customers or distribution companies.
  • Conclusion. The final part summed up the above and gave the readers signals about your business linkages with the particular blog topics.

Avoid Repetitions, Slang, and Impolite phrases

The writing process should be smooth and use understandable language for exciting blogs. The text logic has to be easy to read and effective in order to make a random reader become a current client and invite like-minded people. However, it does mean that slang and informal written communication are available. So, if you wish to be an expert and clarify aspects of how to start a writing blog, you may get acquainted with the following secrets concerning your skills:

  • Reduce repetitions and use synonyms. Blog-enriched language increases blog popularity. Repetitions deteriorate your articles for the blogs and make them monotonous and boring. Low diversified post-writing may also qualify your unprofessional approach to copywriting duties;
  • Follow zero-tolerance principles towards slang and minority verbal specifications. When you decide to draft posts on the blog, your language should be free from slang and impolite phrases to avoid negative feedback or misunderstanding. Also, it would help if you wrote in an official public-acceptable language to sound clear for different categories of target groups.
  • Do not be rude to your readers. Command statements and offending appeals create negative and unreliable attitudes toward your articles and business offers. Never experiment with arguing tactics to draft scandal-like headlines or blog composition.

Talk to your Reader like you Do to your Friend

To give a secret answer to “What does a blog look like?” you should not follow TEDx speeches or scroll through numerous posts. Blogging success is proof of your skills to write a post in a friendly dialog-like way. Therein you discuss with invisible companions important issues or provide essential recommendations for DIY projects or practices of the company or personal development.

Confirm your Information by Statistics or Research

Always show analytical background to your readers as evidence of your statements. It does not require transforming your blog post template into a scientific essay. Few comparable figures or interactive dashboards would be perfect for highlighting wording logic.

Approve your Conclusions with Respective Links

If you mention data analysis or cite someone, do not forget to insert respective links to avoid plagiarism. Someone’s ideas or opinions are welcomed; however, they should be referenced.

Step 4: Select Post-Associated Images

Step 4 Select Post-Associated Images

Illustrations ideally complement articles drafted for various blog-related websites. Therefore, you may choose colorful images or presentable dashboards to satisfy visibility requirements:

  • Humor-related pictures. Funny pictures with a bit of sarcasm or kind emotions improve the text sense and make it easy to understand. Such images are acceptable for personal blogs and specific business categories. The last stakeholders can use professional humor popular in narrow circles of business areas;
  • Relaxing landscapes. You may pick up neutral pictures with pets and natural and urban landscapes to add romantic vibrations and a positive atmosphere. They should be a continuation or conclusion to the particular block and a pause for readers when moving from one paragraph. These marvelous visualization elements supplement the wording part of the articles for audience-attracting blogs;
  • Logos. Use logos and other commercial symbols to demonstrate companies, products, and items. Also, you may insert your visual identification tools to advertise your business;
  • Various dashboards. When you write about statistical data and estimate commercial results, you have to design dashboards showing retrospective trends and dynamics.

Step 5: Edit Your Article

Step 5 Edit Your Article

The final step is editing to perfect the drafted post. Here you may note several helpful recommendations which will finalize your article:

  • Correct grammar and logic mistakes. Nevertheless, writing skills and philological knowledge are essential to correct grammar mistakes for perfecting blogs. Luckily, to fill the knowledge gaps, you are free to integrate grammar-correction apps or software capable of detecting logic or content mistakes.
  • Read aloud the ready-made article. Reading aloud draws attention to parts or paragraphs that differ from the blog post's general concept.
  • Share a blog post template with your companion. The other opinion and feedback to your drafts is the first critical resume to your work. So, you may change complicated blocks of data.
  • Rewrite non-unique paragraphs. Increasing the blog post’s uniqueness is one of the main tasks for SEOs and copywriters. If you wish to publish articles with personal content and differentiate them from the existing information disseminated by topic-related websites, you need to introduce special content management apps to generate keywords and apply your talents.

Examples Of A Blog Post Template

Examples Of A Blog Post Templates

You may find inspired blog trends and choose niche writing where your skills, ideas, and preferences unify to create great client-oriented posts. We will group famous website bloggers by commercial specialization:

  • Zoella. This creative fashion-dedicated blog consists of great topics to satisfy different clients. Style, cuisine, and active lifestyle fans can find answers to their questions, and blogging beginners can learn how to start topic-tailored blogging;
  • The Anna Edit. The selected sample is a mix of public influence and eCommerce business blogs. Here you may find ways to combine preferable shopping offers and creative articles, discovering various mediums to take care of your skin;
  • Say Yes. Modern UI website solutions, along with highly appreciative content, attract more and more clients who wish to find out DIY ideas and psychological analysis of the family relationships;
  • foXnoMad. Engaging content is a collaboration of gadgets and travel reviews. This website explains the pros and cons of new releases for traveling needs. How to… blog-style creates a friendly atmosphere preferred by random readers. This is a good example of a blog post idea for copywriting beginners;
  • The Laura Clery blog. This is an excellent sample of successful personal blogging and vlogging, which unifies comedy elements, psychological investigations of couple relationships, parenthood, and housekeeping. The blogger shares her family's dramatic situations to raise crucial social and children growing issues like how to deal with an autism diagnosis and grow up a socially open kid;
  • Flavcity. This food blog mixes self-developed recipes and video tutorials showing the healthy keto diet dishes. Here you can discover personal development from a hobby to a profitable eCommerce business. Now you may find the shop with thematic items and a series of family-centric cooking books. The blogger involves his family members, increasing interest among potential clients. Simple recipes for organic and sugar-free dishes are helpful for adult and kid dietary formulas;
  • BusinessGreen. Here you may find an untypical approach to analyzing economic processes. Innovative mainstream topics like sustainable development, circular economy, investment opportunities, energy efficiency projects, and others are primary topics of this specific blog. Copywriters and business analysts can learn styles of how to start writing a professional blog engaging a narrow target audience;
  • Kotaku. The reviewer of game releases since 2004 is popular among enthusiasts and experienced gamers. A sophisticated blog wording diversified with appropriate illustrations makes content come alive with minimal monotonous elements and hard-understanding terminology specific to particular sciences.

Enrich Your Blogs With Vivid Photos And Images To Make Your Website Unique

Qualified writing skills are only half of what is necessary to achieve desirable results for your website. To increase your blog posts’ popularity, use cutting-edge UX technologies. 

Portfoliobox experts know the secret of web-designed elements perfect for your website blog. Providing incredible photos or visualized analytical research is an excellent solution to create unique articles for different blog topics.


How do I write my first blog post?

Before you start writing, try to compare the best blog post templates and choose your favorite topics. In addition, you may apply some writing tricks and tips to diversify your conceptual ideas and post exciting blogs. You should not hesitate to ask for some help regarding SEO tools or content management system integration.

What are 4 common types of blogs?

Personal, business, niche, and affiliate blogs are the categories of the most popular informational posts published globally.

What is the difference between a vlog and a blog?

Blogs and vlogs have the same meaning: informing readers of curious facts and updating news in particular spheres of eCommerce or everyday activities. However, blogs represent only written articles or posts. At the same time, vlogs could express the same topics via short videos to attain more visualization effects.

Which is better - blog or vlog?

Blogs and vlogs have specific functions dedicated to increasing the number of clients or followers. You should decide what type of e-marketing tool to use; however, try to base your decision on your budget and human capacities required for scheduled content posts.

Can I blog with my phone?

Blogging is a flexible activity. You may use any gadget to write the posts. However, some apps are not integrated into your smartphone software if you want to check your content. As such, a laptop or PC is more effective for blog writing.

How do I start a blog with no experience?

To start blogging, you do not need specific knowledge or secrets. Choose exciting topics and learn the main rules of the blogging structure and content management system features. Also, improve your writing skills to make your blog language-rich and interesting.

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