Introducing New Templates for Gallery, Service Page, Contact, and Text


At Portfoliobox, we constantly innovate to provide you with the best tools for showcasing your work and connecting with your audience. We are excited to introduce our latest collection of templates for Gallery, Service Page, Contact, and Text. These new templates are designed to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of your website, making it easier for you to present your work and engage with visitors. Let's take a closer look at these new offerings.

Gallery Templates

Our new gallery templates are perfect for photographers, artists, and creatives who want to showcase their work in a visually appealing way. The layouts are designed to highlight your images, ensuring they take centre stage. Here are some examples:

Half Screen Vertical

This template features a vertical split, with text on one side and a stunning image on the other, creating a balanced and elegant display.

Portfoliobox Gallery Template - Vertical Half

Three-One Square & Three-Two Square Gallery

These layouts are ideal for displaying a series of images in a clean, organised manner. It allows for a visual narrative that can captivate your audience.

Three-Two Square Gallery Template - Portfoliobox

Three-One Square Gallery Template - Portfoliobox

Link Page Templates

Squares Two Columns

The Squares Two Columns template is perfect for showcasing a portfolio of images with concise descriptions. Each image links to another page, allowing for an organised and visually appealing presentation of different categories or projects. This layout is ideal for artists, photographers, and creatives who want to provide a quick overview of their work with easy navigation to detailed galleries.

Squares Two Columns Template - Portfoliobox

Half Screen Side-to-Side

The Half Screen Side-to-Side template offers a modern and dynamic way to display your portfolio. This layout splits the screen, dedicating one half to text and the other to an image, creating a balanced and engaging presentation. Each image links to a detailed page, making it an excellent choice for professionals who want to highlight key projects or categories with an impactful visual and descriptive approach.

Half Screen Side-to-Side Template - Portfoliobox

Service Page Templates

Showcasing your services has never been easier with our new service page templates. These designs are tailored to provide clear and concise information about what you offer, alongside compelling visuals.

Each section highlights different aspects of your services, with dedicated spaces for descriptions, pricing, and images.

Service Grid Two Columns

Grid Two Columns  Service Template - Portfoliobox

Service Zig-zag 3

Service Template Zig-zag 3 - Portfoliobox

Service Side to Side 3

Service Side-to-Side 3

Contact Page Templates

Making it easy for your clients to get in touch is crucial. Our new contact page templates are designed to facilitate communication with a clean and modern layout.

Contact Cover

We released 4 new Contact Cover templates, each featuring a large, engaging background image with a sleek contact form overlay. This design is perfect for creating a strong visual impact while providing an easy and straightforward way for visitors to get in touch. The background image can be customized to reflect your brand or aesthetic, making your contact page functional and visually appealing.

Contact page template Cover 1 - Portfoliobox

Contact Image Top 

The Contact templates Image Top 6 and Image Top 7 place a striking image at the top of the page, followed by a contact form and additional contact information below. This layout is ideal for those who want to provide a comprehensive contact section, including social media links and physical address details. The clear and organised structure ensures visitors can quickly find the information they need to contact you.

IMAGE TOP 7 Contact page

Text Page Templates

Our new text page templates are perfect for sharing detailed information or stories. These designs focus on readability and aesthetic appeal.

Text Two Columns & Blank 7 

These templates offer a minimalist approach, focusing solely on the text without accompanying images. These layouts are perfect for straightforward communication, such as announcements or informational content, where the text needs to be the primary focus.

Text Template Two columns - Portfoliobox

Text Template Blank 7 - Portfoliobox

Text Cover Template

We released 4 Text Cover templates with a full-page background image and a smaller text block, ideal for making bold statements or presenting key information. 

Text Cover Template - Portfoliobox

Small Image Text Templates

The small image text templates place a small image on one side of the screen, with text on the other. This layout is excellent for showcasing detailed information with a supporting visual, creating a balanced and aesthetically pleasing design.

Small Image Text Template - Portfoliobox

We are thrilled to bring you these new templates for Gallery, Service Page, Contact, and Text. Each template is designed with modern aesthetics and functionality in mind, ensuring that your Portfoliobox website not only looks great but also performs exceptionally well. Explore these new templates today and elevate your online presence.

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