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Andrea Dal Soglio

Into the world of creatives

May 08, 2017


Who are you?

I’m a media creator and photography/filmmaker enthusiast born and raised in north Italy.


What got you started into photography?

What brought me into photography was the passion for travel. I always travelled since I was a kid with my family and this passion gives me the need to provide memories in the best possible way, so I choose photography.








How would you qualify your work?

Talking about my trips, my work is quite simple, it is a mix of blogging and reportage about my experiences in which I try to show, in a series of photos, what I’ve seen and what struck me the most. I’m not really good in words, my captions and my “story-teller” side are not the best, so I try to be as good as I can with the visual side.



South Tyrol



What role plays your online portfolio in work journey?

My portfolio plays an important role in my journey, it is my main platform to showcase my work in the best and most professional way. Social Media are important, but in my opinion having a personal website gives you that final touch that every creative should have. I update it pretty often, almost every day I change minor things like one photo, the font or simply the colour of the links. I also try to keep it up-to-date all the time with my latest photos, projects or collaboration.






Your photos are vibrant, what material do you use?

I use a DSLR (Canon 6D) with different lenses (16-35, 50, 100, 70-200) to shoot my photos and sometimes a GoPro to take some underwater shots or some action videos. In my work, what plays an important role is the edit, in which I try to reflect myself or the emotions that those landscapes or streets made me feel at that moment. The photo itself is what I’ve seen, but the edits tell how I felt in front of that view.


Could you describe your workspace, when not on a trip?

Today, you can make your workspace literally everywhere. When I’m not travelling, I keep it really simple, all I need is my laptop, a desk, some hard drives, my headphones and a coffee. These are the essentials for me to feel inspired and create stuff.


Could you share with us an anecdote about one of your photos?

When I photographed a running white Rhino in South Africa, more than an anecdote it’s a real life experience that probably happens once in a lifetime. We were having a game drive in the bush when we stopped and we walked slowly to a White Rhino (they have a really bad sight), he suddenly started to run and the ground literally started to shake, I had my camera ready and this was the shot that iI took. 



South Africa



You have travelled a lot, what's your best journey so far?

I really fell in love with Asia, especially Hong Kong. I found myself like a kid in Disneyland, every single corner has something to offer, to show, to tell, and it’s not something you find easily. In that city, I found everything new, everything interesting but the thing that I liked the most was the great contrast between nature and city side, although people think urban density is the only thing you can find in Hong Kong, well it’s not true, few bus stops away from the centre you can get this view.




Hong Kong



It’s safe to say anyway that Hong Kong has one of the best cityscapes in the world, so I’d pick up “the peak” as one of the best location to shoot and enjoy a surreal view. This said, I really have to mention that every single trip I’ve done was something beautiful and unique that I will remember for the rest of my life.



What do you like about Portfoliobox?

I like Portfoliobox because it is really easy to use, very intuitive and the optimisation of the content for different browsers works really well. Also, the number of pages and photos to upload is really high, which is really important to me. Another thing is definitely the value for money and the new App for smartphone, that makes all the little changes so easy and quick to do. I’m happy with the product in all the different aspects. 


Andrea Dal Soglio | Photographer & Videographer
Website: www.andreadalsoglio.com
Instagram: @andreknot
Youtube: @Andreknot08

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