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Our mission

We aim to make it super easy for creatives to build stunning websites that show off their work. Our goal is to be the go-to place where artists and creatives from all fields can not only share their talents but also make money from them.

We’ve added features like easy ways to sell your work online and tools for booking appointments. This means you can focus on creating, while we help turn your passion into a way to earn. We're all about making things simple for you, so you can share your creativity.

Quick facts

  • What We Offer

    Portfoliobox lets creatives easily build their websites and monetize their creativity.

  • Plans for Everyone

    We offer three tailored plans: Light, Pro, and Pro Plus, to cater to various needs. Our premium Pro Plus plan includes comprehensive features for a professional website, such as a custom domain and a personalized email address, ensuring you have everything needed to establish a strong online presence.

  • Our Story

    Started in Stockholm, Sweden, in 2012 by Hamid Abouei and Gustav Degerman, over a million creators have since used Portfoliobox to create their websites.

  • Worldwide Presence

    We have customers in over 150 countries, especially in the USA, Great Britain, France, and Sweden.

  • Language Friendly

    Portfoliobox is available in 16 languages, making it easy for people from different parts of the world to use.

  • Independently Powered

    We've grown and evolved through our own funding, keeping us focused on what's best for our users.

Creative Business Tools

To better support creatives and professionals, we've added new business tools. These features let you handle projects, billing, and communication with clients right from your website. This makes Portfoliobox a complete solution for managing your creative work and business needs.

Unique values

Portfoliobox is different because we don't limit you to one design theme. You can mix and match templates on any page to fit your style. This freedom lets you create a website that truly represents your work.

Simplifying Professional Growth

Portfoliobox isn't just a website builder. It's a tool that supports your career by showcasing your work and making business tasks simpler. From displaying projects to handling business, we're here to help you succeed.

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