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Bojan Oreskovic

Portfolio of the day

September 16, 2016


Who are you?

My name is Bojan Orešković. I'm a freelancing illustrator/graphic designer. I specialize in illustration and creating unique logos, marks and symbols.


What are you inspired by?

I find my inspiration in my wife Nina and my son Jona. 


What was the last movie you watched?

Uffff. Don't really watch movies anymore. I think it was the latest Star Wars movie last december:)


What was the last book you read?

I was reading simultaneously Isaac Asimov's Nightfall, The Bible, and Michio Kaku's Physics of the impossible.


Do you have any role model?

Jesus, my wife, John Williams (composer), Ralph Mcquarrie, Syd Mead, Miki Muster (Slovenian comic strip illustrator).


What is your next creative project?

I hope I'm going to land a part in a rebranding story :)


What do you like about Portfoliobox?

It's an awesome way to present creative work even for a coding, webpress, html, ... :) noob as I am. Everything is pretty intuitive. Templates are awesome. Page editing is super easy. Option that I can use my own domain...

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