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Portfolio of the day

January 05, 2017


Who are you?

I come from Marseille, France, and I have been living in New York since 2014.


What got you started into photography?

I always was interested in eveything related to art, so I decided to become a photographer. I am a self learner, with years of training in the streets of the different cities I have been to.


Who are your biggest influences in the industry?

My biggest influences are Alex Webb, Vivian Maier, Sergio Larrain.


How would you describe your work?

My work started with street photography, then portraits, and two series of conceptual photos, one based on symmetry and the second one with double exposure.


Can you tell us more about this photography magazine?​​

The magazine is about photography, with a different theme every two months. The first one was about street photography, and the second issue about minimalism just came out in December. I invite photographers from around the world for each issue, 10 photographers with 10 pictures each.


Can you tell us more about this photography magazine?​​

I just started selling the online version for $7, so the next step is to continue finding talented photographers and have more people reading the magazine.


What's next?

I found Portfoliobox a few years ago when I started doing my personal website, and as I liked the way it is organised and the different options, I decided to use it again for the magazine.And it is also a good yearly price for the domain name.

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