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James Vanderpant

Portfolio of the day

August 04, 2016


Who are you?

I am a product designer just graduated from the University of Brighton. My most recent projects include creating Brighton's very first Design Exhibition and also designing a lighting system that looks towards the future of interior illumination. 


What are you inspired by?

I am inspired by the immense possibilities that the future brings with advancements in technology.... and also by people with an extremely strong work ethic.


What was the last movie you watched?

"Supermensch"  The legend of Shep Gordon.


What was the last book you read?

"The Fountainhead" by Ayn Rand.


Do you have any role model?

I don't really have a specific role model but I try to learn as much as possible from everyone I come into contact with.


What is your next creative project?

My main focus at the moment will be bringing my modular, touch sensitive wall light concept to market after its recent success at the New Designers exhibition in London.


What do you like about Portfoliobox?

Portfoliobox is a fantastic tool for creating a platform to promote yourself and your work. Its intuitive and straightforward controls equal a system that is both easy and efficient. Also the customer service is very responsive and helpful. 

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