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Katarzyna Strucka

Portfolio of the day

December 14, 2016

Model: Martyna /D'Vision  |  Make-up artist: Aleksandra Byra  |  Hair stylist: Luke Sienko  |  Stylist: Paulina Szumotalska


Who are you?

My name is Kate Strucka, I'm based in Wrocław, Poland. Photography is my hobby for 6 years now, I mainly shoot beauty and portrait/fashion. What I love about it, is to see how people can change in front of the camera, play different characters, it's inspiring. 


What is your next creative project?

I just discover my 'photo' folder disappeared from my computer, so I probably take a look into that before any new project. But I guess it will be beauty - I'd love to take some macros, just lips or eye. For sure with some vibrant color. 


What do you like about Portfoliobox?

I love its flexibility! I can totally change the look of my page in just few minutes. And I don't need anybody to explain me how to do it, everything is simple and very user-friendly. I'm here for almost four years and I'm not planning to go anywhere else

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