Elegant Boudoir Photography Shoot Ideas


The history of the boudoir shooting is pretty young. The France-originated term was used in the XVIII century and meant a bedroom. 

Anyway, the eye-catching boudoir photos must attract the viewer’s attention. The brides prefer this type of photo to make a special gift for the future husband. 
The spouses could spice up the relationship by complimenting this hot and teasing gift. 

The boudoir pics are widely used in particular fashion industries to demonstrate sexual U-wear items like Victoria’s Secret brand. Also, the rough fashion industry actively promotes a plus-size for boudoir photography shoots.

The photographer should spotlight the most beautiful curves of the female body and emphasize their femininity and sexuality. It is better not to retouch or correct the pics or just slightly improve the photo to show the natural beauty of the female body. Indeed, to get perfect captures, any boudoir model has to be relaxed, feel free, and confident. 
So, every woman could choose a boudoir photo package as a special gift for someone dear or just for positive self-feeling. 

Boudoir photography sources of inspiration

Boudoir photography sources of inspiration

Thanks to the media, we accept naked beauties intimately posing on camera positively. 
The prominent and internationally recognized artists demonstrate the natural essence of the human body in monuments, pictures, etc.

The evolution of boudoir photography is specific, and you could hardly guess that the famous art illustrations or actions refer to this kind of photo shooting. The inspiration was taken from:

  • Latin-American culture. The history of boudoir capturing could be deemed poor if passionate music and dancing motives enriched the special attention to the beautiful female bodies. Hot rumba and salsa inspire to create the desirable and smooth movements easily captured by the professional photographer.
  • French cancan mainstream. The other way to demonstrate classical boudoir samples is to remember the cancan shows popular in France in the XIX century. This style discovers the artistic and natural talents of any female representative. Also, such a magnetic show gives many imagination-exciting ideas to make the photo session curious and compelling.
  • Broadway performances. This is the most temptation-followed method to present any woman as a self-confident and light-hearted temptress. Although the Broadway show is similar to cancan’s direction, it has a unique spice, upgrading the boudoir photography and its tendencies.

The development of the advanced capturing technologies improved the quality of the intimate pictures and disclosed new sides of the femininity and tenderness of each female model. You may now choose to pay a particular sum for the creative photo session in a popular photo studio or DIY with a personal smartphone or iPhone camera. In any case, the final results would not make you feel frustrated.

The fashion industry and U-wear design appealed to boudoir captures for commercial needs. The particular role belongs to plus-size boudoir photography. Many global brands use the boudoir concept to attract male attention and encourage women to buy their products. In addition, ordinary girls decide to have an elegant portrait full of hidden passion and lurk sparks but not flashy erotic art.

For a long time, the boudoir keeps their initial assignment to put the female secrets on the broad exhibit in a pretty decent manner.

The most common boudoir photo sessions. Classical captures and plus-size shooting

The most common boudoir photo sessions

Boudoir photos are more than elegantly posed captures. Boudoir style photos are still complicated to take and require a models’ confident openness in front of the camera lens and a particular level of skills, including some UX and photo editing tips.

The most popular choice is wedding boudoir photography: the bride in seductive outfits and sexy accessories takes center stage in the camera lens. 

Such an exciting gift stirs every man’s imagination. Even if your soulmate has quite conservative views about piquant portrait captures, every girl could reasonably bring them over, presenting an album as an intriguing invitation for the wedding night.
Experiment with colors, locations, and accessories. Feel free to demonstrate an uncovered part of the body like a shoulder, a hip, or a décolleté. 

The idea of the morning bride’s boudoir is the women’s favorite one. Сamerist may experiment with angles, morning natural sunny lights, fresh flowers, and charming minor decor elements. Nude make-up, neutral or passionate colored boudoir outfits, and relaxed models make shooting magnetic and discover the female nature.

Contemporary photographers are not afraid to experiment, and that is why the so-called mix of plus-size and boudoir photos has appeared. This style got its admirers and even started to be used for advertising purposes. The curvy girls are the best candidates for the U-wear fashion commerce performed in a boudoir shooting. The plummies diversify the boudoir style fashion and revolutionize the female body’s admirability. The poses and focus determine the boudoir subtypes, including:

  • Crossed leg pose in a bed is a good intimate boudoir photography idea. The charming and secret-related sight and posture impress and have Siren effects for the ordinary viewer. The curious elements like baldachin add some mystery and magnetism to the photo location and help to change camera angles and lighting directions.
  • In the bathroom. The attractive poses in a soapy bath are camera-friendly and bring a lot of fun. However, to receive the fabulous pictures, the model should be completely relaxed and feel free being shooted.
  • Vogue-style photo session. A Vogue-followed photo session is a classical option to make captures remarkable, sensitive, and intimate. Luxury U-wear or nightgowns with neutral backdrops and minimum filters make photos unforgettable and show true feelings.
  • Arching the back. The boudoir shoots where the models demonstrated the naked or semi-covered back look impressive and qualify the genuine masterpieces.
  • Facial portrait. Some portraits accenting the model’s face in vintage masks or eye-hidden openwork lace ribbons emphasize the attractive female facial features. However, it is better if these photos are a part of the boudoir-style portfolio or package.
  • Full frontal. It is a preferable photo session concept for curvy girls with guitar-shaped bodies. To receive beautiful results, the photographer should experiment with retouching and lighting.

Tips to take a perfect boudoir shoot

Tips to take a perfect boudoir shoot

To receive a perfect photobook or portfolio in a boudoir style, a model and a photographer usually follow some recommendations.

    • A pioneering model needs to choose a skilled and experienced photographer to help her avoid all emotional barriers and complexes. The female photographer helps the model to feel confident and camera-friendly. The model would be free and be taken in intimate poses. Her look has to be natural and relaxed. Moreover, the fact a female photo pro can calm down a jealous husband or boyfriend. However, it does not mean that the boudoir models should refuse the male photo master services. The male photographer could create vivid captures with correct focus and angle shooting based on his point of view. In any case, both boudoir shoot photo session participants need much more time to get to know each other better. The trusted relations between the model and photographer eliminate the pressure atmosphere on location. Also, get acquainted with the references presented by the photographer in their portfolio in advance, and it helps to realize the experience level of the chosen pro.
    • Before the photo session date, the photographer should decide on a place and assemble the shooting equipment to achieve perfect lighting. Explore the best combination of the professional kit of devices and the model openness and photogenicity. As usual, the photographers do not equip the photo location with a broad range of capturing stuff. The essential tools should provide more natural effects; however, any imperfections will be corrected by the respective UX or photo editing apps. The retouch and photoshop improvements help photos to achieve ideal quality and desirable model imaginations. Still, the excess usage of the editing elements could spoil the desirable result making it unnatural. Although boudoir photography is performed in a professional studio, the best location is an excellent home-based bedroom or wardrobe prepared for the photo session beforehand. The photos received will have more intimate and magnetic effects.

Professional photographers

  • Professional photographers have a higher value than skilled specialists. They should combine creative vision and technical knowledge related to specifications of the photo capture, edition, and production. But, the central role is designated to the model. The female needs to adhere to some clear instructions to attain the best results. The prep activities regarding lifestyle, make-up, apparel choice, and meal preferences are crucial in this photography process. Hence, the model needs to avoid a fat, spicy, and high-carbon diet to look fresh and rested during the photo session. A healthy lifestyle and active sports exercises keep the body fit and make the model look fantastic, no matter the shooting angles or revealing outfits. Do not overeat right before shooting; your belly can seem to be a potbelly. Allow yourself to have a light breakfast and plan some cantering options for periodical minor sneak breaks.
  • The boudoir model should not choose eye-catching colors and bright make-up. Cosmetics is a supplementing thing to the whole image and matches the apparel shades. The white-and-black photo session utmost dislikes the radiant make-up, making the similarly taken photos ridiculous or vulgar. The facials would be helpful to remove any acne effects, skin flaws, and other appearance imperfections. Your face will look fresh and full of energy if you decide to have a few massage sessions. 
  • Discuss the working hours with your pro. If the shooting process lasts for 30-40 minutes, there is a chance the model does not show potential and photogenic skills. The best time is 1-1,5 hours with some breaks for make-up corrections, physical needs, and location changes.
  • Any photo session is a unique capturing project, and an interested client needs to think over so-called plans B. For instance, if the outdoor photo shooting is risky due to the bad weather conditions, the photographer needs to have the assembled and thematically decorated studio perfect for keeping the photo session concept unchangeable and curious.
  • Finally, the model should forget any embarrassment and enjoy the process. The worry-free model discovers the best sides and makes the boudoir photography process easy-going. So, the main recommendation is to keep calm and follow the photographer's recommendations.


What is the difference between boudoir and glamour photography?

Boudoir is a self-capturing or studio-based photo session when a woman pays some money to receive vivid pictures full of sexuality and magnetism. The Glamour photo designation is only a professional studio photo shooting. The accepted works will be used in fashion photography and have a commercial basis.

Can I take my own boudoir photos?

Every ordinary girl or woman can easily make boudoir photos by themselves. The simple smartphone with a high-quality superzoom camera and a selfie stick will simplify self-capturing in a boudoir style. All you need is to get acquainted with some curious tips about the correct shooting techniques and prep activities to achieve extravagant effects.

What do you wear to a boudoir photoshoot?

The apparel for a boudoir photo shoot is not so complicated or multi-layer. As a boudoir task is to turn the viewer's attention for a few minutes and raise the interest in a possible continuation of the secret femininity discovered, the model wears light night-gowns, evening dresses made from semi-transparent fibers, or elegant U-wear sets.

How do I prepare for a boudoir photoshoot?

Firstly, choose a capturing location, decor elements, and apparel items. Then, discuss lighting and focusing options, and agree on a shooting duration. Of course, prepare yourself physically and mentally for such an ambitious photo session.

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