Best free animation software in 2021


The list of good programs:

These programs are needed by both experienced designers and ordinary users. It is impossible to doubt their relevance. There is only one question left - which application to choose? In this article, we'll take a closer look at the characteristics of the best time-lapse programs for animation.

Now, we have one might say brilliant computer graphics and images. Numerous apps for computer animation have appeared, which are used by both beginners and professionals.

For lovers of 2D and 3D animation, there is a wider choice of computer programs for creating animation. 

The right animation software will help a beginner even intuitively understand what materials to work with, as well as provide a wide range of tools for a professional.

Detailed characteristics of free programs for animation

Adobe animator

Adobe character animator

Character Animator lets you create expressive, high-quality animations based on your actions. This application is so fast that it can even be used for live streaming.

Character Animator lets you import and animate graphics from Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator. This can be done by first capturing the action with a camera, microphone, keyboard, mouse, or touchscreen. As you shoot, the Character Animator captures your facial expressions.

Who is a Character Animator for?

It is for those who want to create and bring characters to life! It will help you customize your character and create puppets by modifying the built-in character templates, importing Photoshop and Illustrator characters.

Character Animator is suitable for both beginners and professional animators, video creators, educators, gamers, graphic designers, and illustrators in the media or entertainment industry who regularly need to create animations. This tool also allows live interaction between characters and fans.

How do I download Character Animator?

Adobe Character Animator can be installed as part of All Apps Plan for Adobe Creative Cloud. For more information, see Creative Cloud plans and pricing. For the basic system requirements for this application to run, see System Requirements | Character Animator.

Toon Boom Harmony 

Toon Boom Harmony

Toon Boom Harmony is the most powerful and most advanced package in the Toon Boom family of programs: Studio, Animate, Animate Pro, Harmony. But if each senior product in the line differs from the previous one in additional functions and tools, as well as their level (basic or advanced), then Harmony, being the highest achievement of Toon Boom, differs from Animate Pro, not only in a number of functions and tools that are not in one of the listed programs, but also the level of many of its tools, which should be ranked as super-advanced.

The program will be a great help to get acquainted with 3D graphics and the functioning of basic tools for creating and editing 3D objects, because Blender combines a set of options that are separately found in professional three-dimensional editors. 

Blender as another animation software


Blender is marketed as an application for creating and editing 3D graphics, rendering, animation, creating computer games, and even sculpting. 

  • Advantages of Blender:

Quite a serious program that requires serious hardware resources, you say. But the first surprise the package presents at the stage of downloading the installation files - their weight is about 70 MB. Unthinkable for software of this level! Nevertheless, the developers have managed to provide the program with all the necessary functions that fully function and demonstrate excellent performance. 

An additional advantage is the stable and rapid development of the package thanks to the professional development team.

Today it is a full-fledged 3D editor, in which the user is greeted by a fully programmable interface and a unique internal file system. 

 A nice bonus is the availability of the package on various operating systems of both bit sizes: owners of computers with Windows, GNU / Linux, and Mac OSX will be able to master the program.

The application uses Python as a programming language, in which you can create your own tools, edit the interface and the very principle of the program.

  • Disadvantages of Blender:

The shell of the program at first glance may seem inconvenient and incomprehensible, but after setting up hotkeys, working in Blender becomes simple and convenient. 

DigiCel FlipBook

DigiCel FlipBook

This program is also well suited for 2D animation and is fairly easy to use. Although it is intended for the knack, you can create a lot with it.

FlipBook, developed by DigiCel, runs on both Windows and macOS. It is a kind of time-lapse animation software due to the fact that the functionality of this program teaches the creation of one frame at a time.

Using this program will not be difficult at all.

The speed of the program is very impressive, and the good thing is that changes can be applied right during the animation.

The Disney director praised this animation software very highly.

It is a great program for Mac users. Completely free animation software with great functionality and great features.

This program was originally created for those who would like to create great animations for free.

One of the distinguishing features of this software is that it supports vector illustrations.

As well as tky components such as adding shapes, filling areas, importing images of the required format.

The program, in addition to vector illustrations, also supports various file formats.

The official site contains a lot of useful information and resources.

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