The best sites to demo an art portfolio


The best websites for art portfolio:

  • Carmen and Louise
  • Natalie Lethe.
  • Michelle Carlos
  • Shira Bar
  • Brooke Cormier
  • Jesse Maxwell Bearden
  • June Deegan
  • Zaria Foreman

Great artists have insisted that it is important for every artist to share their work with others. Regardless of the way the artists choose to display their works, each of them needs to receive the assessment and criticism of others and possibly to inspire someone with their works.

Many artists choose their own way and their resources in order to present their work, but there are platforms with special layouts that improve the way viewers can see their work.

For professional artists, using a professional portfolio website is a great way to prove yourself, show your skills, where famous artists can gather, and auctions can also be held, or collectors can buy a painting they like.

This article will go over a detailed description of these sites, the features of the portfolio of these artists, and some tips on how to create your own online portfolio.

Famous artists portfolio

Famous artists portfolio

  • Carmen and Luisa. Artists blow it from Spain who works on video installations, sculptures, 3D animation performances, and collages. Their excellent work attracts viewers, who can view all of their work on the platform.

Thanks to portfolio templates, they've included links to their resumes, their curriculum vitae, and other personal information in the header of their web platform, so viewers can see this information without distracting them from viewing the fan's work.

  • Natalie Lethe. Natalie Lete’s portfolio website looks like a sketchbook with her personal works. She has created an excellent navigation menu. The pages of her platform are denoted with symbols she has drawn on different parts of the page, which proves her artistic ability.

This web platform can be used as an example of creatively going beyond the standard web page layout to show your artistic skills further.

  • Michelle Carlos. This artist showed a great design for the background of her web page. You can use your own work as a background. This gives web platform visitors immediate notice of your talents and abilities.

Michelle also came up with an original trick. She placed a logo in the middle of her home page, which is used as a button that gives access to the main part of her website.

The logo itself perfectly reflects her art and is used to visually increase the rating of her portfolio website and attract more audiences.

  • Shira Bar. A website filled with her photography shows her sophisticated taste. One of her amazing photos is on the home page, showing her skills and well-detailed works. Her main theme is monochrome, which is seen throughout her platform, as she chose her main direction - photography in black and white.

Also, in order to express her creativity even more vividly and attract more audience, Shira has a blog on her web page. In her blog, she shows the workflow and inspires readers by showing in more detail her techniques.

A layout like Shira's is great for presenting your work in a high-quality way.

  • Brooke Cormier. Her site is famous because it has almost everything that should be on the best site - nice design, good work, and other details. Also, one of her portraits graces her website, showing her professionalism, and a small logo reflects her artistic style.
  • Jesse Maxwell Bearden. This site is filled with juicy, colorful artwork. At the beginning of her website, the self-portrait takes an excellent start, which immediately clarifies her professionalism.

As an artist, Jessie practices her work both in daring styles and in cute delicate works. This is all perfectly complemented by an excellent design in the form of a comfortable font, text written in simple language without intricate phrases. All this makes viewing her work an aesthetic pleasure.

She also came up with a great method for promoting her work and attracting viewers - linking an Instagram page. This is very relevant these days.

  • June Digan. Everything here is no less interesting - the audience of her page is immediately lured by a funny picture at the beginning of her web page. A button to move on is a good option for inviting you to take a look at her entire gallery and read personal information.

She did a good job creating her platform for expressing her creativity by formalizing everything with strict lines and structured text.

  • Zaria Foreman. Everything is somewhat unusual here. Zaria took an unconventional approach to the presentation of her work. She posts her paintings depicting climate change. It grabs the attention of the audience and inspires them perfectly.

A well-crafted menu on her website helps you navigate the page perfectly and includes personal information and many links to her social networks, which is a good option to show a lot of your creativity.

Create your art portfolio

Create your art portfolio

Inspired by viewing the work of famous artists, create your website with a portfolio of your work.

There are several suitable formats for creating your portfolio website - an archive containing your work or a PDF file. It is better to choose an archive since the disadvantages of laying out your work in the form of a document will complicate the review of your work.

It is worth translating your images into electronic format and uploading them to the site in the form of a database. Organize everything by topic or whatever you think is right. All photos on your site should be clear, high-quality, and convey all your work as close as possible to the original.

Be sure to write small comments about your work, such as the year, the material used, and the technique in which the work was performed.

So, you can create your website easily.

How to compile an artist's portfolio?

The difference between a creative resume is that it does not need to indicate your work experience, your personal qualities.

You can include a small range of information, such as:

  • Personal information, contacts;
  • Link to your web page;
  • Competition victories;
  • A description of your techniques and materials that you enjoy working with;
  • Do you have any education;
  • Who you worked with before.

This will be quite enough to attract an audience and possibly interesting proposals for cooperation.


Thus, it can be difficult to create your website and portfolio, especially for a beginner artist, is to write your resume correctly and competently, which will briefly but fully describe you as a good artist with personal information.

If you are doing this for the first time, it can be very difficult to understand how to compose it correctly. Moreover, if you have not graduated from professional art schools, you may wonder what to do in this case.

A great solution in this situation would be to focus on your portfolio with your best work.

Also, include your cover letter. Check it carefully for all sorts of errors, and also check the fact that all your files have been attached and open normally. An excellent choice of a site where you can create your portfolio would be Portfoliobox. This site is equipped with a nice design. You can create your own unique portfolio filled with your professional work and see examples of existing artist portfolios.

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