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A lot more, just want to try something new, and expand their drawing experience. One of the keys to the popularity of digital painting is you don’t need a lot of drawing tools.

Yeah, having a tablet with a pen might be useful for you, but the truth is that a lot of drawing apps can be downloaded on different devices. Even a pen is not that necessary, though we still recommend you to buy one, as it can ease up your work significantly. 

Drawing apps made a notable change in painting. Just imagine: your tablet pen can replace the brush, the pencil and the paints, of all kinds! Thus, if you want to do a graphic sketch you only have to click the right button and here you are. Moreover, you can choose the properties of your drawing tool: its saturation, color, sharpness or softness. 

All in one device, and you are freed of buying thousands of painting tools. If you are new to digital drawing or drawing at all, we are going to tell you some useful tips and the best drawing apps for beginners and professionals. 

Drawing apps for beginners

Now, we shall pass on the list of apps useful for newcomers and experienced artists. But, it is important to note that some of these programs may be quite useful even for skilled painters. As we said before: don’t be fooled by a simple design and interface!

  1. Procreate.

First of all, the program has a simple and easy to use interface. The brush library offers you everything you need, from classic pencils to inks. Besides, it helps you to choose the best drawing tools for each kind of painting and the particular properties of each tool.

     2. Adobe Photoshop Sketch

One more app is excellent for digital drawing. It offers only 5 brushes, but you can set their thickness and saturation. The set of brushes is placed on your left and the other helping tools on your right, thus, leaving you the drawing canvas in the middle, which is very convenient. Besides, it creates an illusion of a real-life drawing. 

    3. Adobe Illustrator Draw

Another creation of Adobe. Like Adobe Sketch, it has a simple design, made with the same pattern. It offers you a flexible range of tools and also, it works with vector graphics. Thus, the brushes provide you with bleed coloring, which is quite useful. 

    4. Adobe Fresco

Don’t think this is an Adobe advertising integration. Adobe just happened to be a good drawing app maker. This one may seem a bit difficult, as its interface looks more like Photoshop, with its thin function and toolbars on the left and above. Also, you can choose between pixel and vector graphics. 

   5. Pixelmator Pro

Originally, this app was created to edit images, but it still possesses a wide range of brushes and other drawing tools. It has one of the most simple interfaces for beginners to use. The only con is that you can rasterize vector images, the app just simply doesn't have such tools.

   6. Charcoal

Charcoal is one of the easiest drawing apps. Its interface may look a lot like the Iphone’s Notes app. Indeed they are very alike: you have a pencil, marker, highlighter, ruler and a couple more brushes. The small canvas lies in the middle. The only modern features are the “undo”- “redo” function and a vast color palette.

   7. Assembly

This app is primarily created as a vector image drawing tool. Thus, it works with vectorized pictures and offers you a convenient bleed coloring. It provides you with a set of basic brushes and an RGB color circle, with a triangle inside to set the saturation mode. Also, it offers you some tutorials and helps in your digital drawing career.

Drawing apps for professional artists 

Drawing apps for professional artists

Of course, a professional artist will find useful things even in programs that offer a basic set of options. But, for constant work and the possibility to fully embody your ideas, you need something more sophisticated. Thus, we shall pass to the second part of our article and give you the list of the best drawing apps for professionals.

  1. Autodesk Sketchbook

This app will be particularly interesting for those who work as an architect or industrial designer. The main feature of this app is the possibility to digitalize the paper picture. The program has a built-in scanner for such purposes. This app can surely impress you with its drawing tools as the number of brushes and their kinds is mindblowing.

    2. Affinity designer

This drawing app is great for vector graphic design and has a lot of unique tools for its users. Moreover, the program can offer you a vast color palette and an unrestricted number of layers. The interface is strongly similar to Photoshop and Lightroom, so if you have experience of working with these programs, Affinity Designer won’t be too hard for you.

    3. Astropad Studio

This app is particularly made for graphic designers. Like most professional apps it has a Photoshop-like design, with a vast collection of brushes, pencils, effects and other editing options. Unfortunately, it was made particularly for IOS Software. 

    4. Concepts

If you like to draw sketches but are tired of having tons of paper sheets all over your flat, then you should definitely check out the Concept app. This program offers various drawing tools for sketches. The brush imitates the real pen and provides you with a pastel color palette in blue, violet and monochrome tones. 

    5. Infinite Painter

This app may not be that famous, but it is sure worth your attention. The drawing tools include over 80 natural brushes, pencils and the ability to create new ones. Moreover, it provides its users with multiple layers options and different kinds of paper sheets. 

    6. ArtFlow

This app can be acquired for free or for a one-time fee. The free version offers you an RGB color system, nine brushes, undo option and three layers support. Of course, the premium version expands the brush collection significantly, with a sixteen layers support and pressure system. 

    7. Artrage

Probably it is the only advanced drawing app that tries to imitate the real-life drawing process. You are offered a brush collection on the left, and a small color circle on the right lower angle. Moreover, you can set the brushes to different coloring effects, i.e., oil paints, watercolor.

All in all, no matter if you are a beginner or skilled artist, there are plenty of opportunities and tools to enjoy digital drawing and become more proficient in it!

Digital drawing vs traditional drawing

How to start on digital drawing

The notable growth of digital drawing popularity caused a massive discussion, whether the traditional drawing is going to be forgotten. Usually, controversy arises between those who stick particularly to one way of painting. The others just enjoy the advantages of both on- and offline drawing. 

The main reason why people are thinking the traditional way is going to pass away is the rapid development of technologies and the growing popularity of online functions. Artists and designers can simply create an account on the popular platform or social media and post their works there, gaining popularity. If they are interested in making some income, they can take drawing orders and sell their pictures to whoever they want. 

The Internet connects people faster, and even traditional painters create their online sites to promote their works. 

The other advantage is convenience. Canvases and easels sometimes can take a lot of space, let alone the other drawing tools. Besides, all of this can cost quite a lot of money and you can’t hope on the cheap products, as low-quality paints will surely affect the overall result of your painting. Drawing apps are complete salvation here, as a single app can replace all needed tools and correct your mistakes.

On the other hand, hardly a tablet pen can replace the feeling of a simple brush. Besides, the perfection and flawlessness of digital brushes, leaves no place for the spontaneity of classic paint, when each brush stroke is different and makes the painting so special with its flaws.

How to start on digital drawing?

Well, though digital painting is less demanding, to ease up your work you will need a couple of tools. First of all, a tablet pen. You can buy it separately from the tablet or phone. You don’t have to care whether your devices are from the same company, as many pens are sold separately, thus, they are suitable for general use. 

Secondly, you need a tablet. Actually, it is not an emergent purchase as many drawing apps can be downloaded on your phone. But the key point there is the size of your device. Of course, it is more convenient to use the big screen tablet or phone, so you can clearly see all the small details and also draw them.

When it comes to the actual process of digital drawing, well, it is not that different from the traditional way. To become a good painter in both ways you need to practice. It doesn’t really matter whether you are drawing a line on a sheet of paper or the screen, but how you do it. Is it right or not? Are the proportions good? Is the composition correct? Lights, colors, shades, — everything that matters in classic painting, matters here. 

The main way of becoming a good painter is practice. Constant practice of redrawing other’s artworks. But that’s when digital painting has its little drawback: you have to learn all of the app’s functions first. Besides, the color game may be too dull, compared to the classic way, as the palette is still limited. 

How to choose the suitable drawing app

As you have already guessed, the popularity of digital art gave birth to hundreds of drawing apps. Of course, most of them are amateur and offer either just basic functions or not enough even for a rookie. The others, indeed, possess a wide range of functions and brushes but are too difficult to use. For someone who has no or little skills in digital drawing, it is important to get the right app.

First of all, when scrolling the list of suggested apps in AppStore or GoogleMarket pay attention to the ratings. That’s the best way to sweep away unnecessary and bad programs. Secondly, read the comments. Pay attention there too as some negative and positive notes are given by the bots, but the number of comments from real people and their estimation will give you the objective look upon the app. 

Also, don’t make a common newcomer mistake, by thinking that apps for beginners will be of no use for you and possess a narrow range of tools. Yeah, the brush, function and color palette set may be quite simple, but it doesn’t mean useless. It is better to have three brushes with ten basic colors, but know what to do with them, unlike having a hundred tassels and paints, but have no idea how to use them.

Drawing apps of an advanced level require not only deep knowledge and skills in painting but also in using such apps.

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