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    Portfoliobox x Imagenation @ the LA Art Show


    February 18, 2020

    Portfoliobox and Imagenation have worked together for over a year to produce photography exhibitions in Europe. Our footprints can be found in Paris as well as Arles in France. This year, for the very first time, we exhibited in the United States, at Los Angeles’s largest and longest running art fair - the LA Art Show (Feb 5 - 9).


    In 2020, the LA Art Show marks a significant milestone in its history, the 25th Anniversary. It has attracted a lot of art lovers, art dealers, artists and so on, to the art fair.


    Peyman Nadari, a successful fine art photographer from Iran and a Portfoliobox user was selected to participate in the exhibition. His photo, The Maid of Orleans was showcased in our Portfoliobox x Imagenation booth.


    We were lucky to have the chance to interview Peyman about his photo that was showcased at the art fair and his future plan.



    Q: Why would you like to join the LA Art Show this year?

    A: The first time I heard the name of the exhibition, I was amazed at the fact that this great exhibition hosts thousands of art fans every year. I am honored to be able to be a good representative of my country this year at this amazing exhibition. I liked having one of my works at the exhibition this year to share my insights with the fans and to make the artists more in tune with the Fine Art style.


    "The Maid of Orleans"


    "The Maid of Orleans" at the LA Art Show 2020


    Q: Can you tell me more about the photo exhibited in the art fair - what is the story behind it?

    A: First of all, I have to say that this photo was taken of the French champion Joan of Arc and I did my best to pay tribute to her. The life of this French champion was very interesting to me and it made for a very interesting subject for my photos. In these photos I have tried to show bondage and captivity, captivity has different aspects, from body bondage to mind and soul bondage. I have been involved with these types of bondage for many years and I have tried to look at this frame with “Fine Art” approach thus leave a constant image behind and show my point of view to the audience. I have tried to show different aspects, I have chosen metal and flower so not only I can show the hardness of this barrier but to show the softness release that comes after the bondage of this pain.


    Q: Being a professional photographer is not easy, let alone a successful one. Your work has been featured in Harper's Bazaar and Vogue to name a few - what is your secret?

    A: I always try to do my best. “Concept” is one of the most important parts of my photography projects, and I try to spend enough time and energy on finding the right concept. To create and discover the right idea I usually listen to classical music during my free time or at nights. Such high-quality music can inspire me and help me to concentrate on finding ways to present the world in ways that I see. Besides, the colors that I use in my photos create the illusion of a painting, and, hence, most people usually mistake my works as paintings. It is important for me to do what I do best and get the attention of reputable magazines like Harper’s Bazaar and ND Magazine. Another great option for me is my strong team who are always sympathetic and very diligent and work hard to develop their art.




    "Take the time to think about the idea.


    Never be disappointed or discouraged."


    - Peyman Naderi



    Q: If you could only give one piece of advice to your fellow photographers - what would it be?

    A: Take the time to think about the idea. Never be disappointed or discouraged. From the very beginning, the path cannot be the best one must build. You're your best critic. Listen to your inner voice If you're made for photography you'll find the way. Don't forget that every professional photographer you see nowadays was an amateur photographer.


    Q: What is your plan or goal for 2020?

    A: I have some interesting projects about the history of my country that I want to do and it is very important to me because it is about the Ancient Persia and it is for the first time that a photographer deals with it. Of course, I have some important exhibitions in London and Paris, and I'm very interested in attending them. This year is very important year for my artistic life so I have to work hard to showcase eternal artworks. I also participated in many International competitions which are finalists due to the referees' selections and I am waiting for the results of the competitions. I am also a referee of several International (competitions) and we are exchanging opinions with other referees to choose the best photo.


    Peyman Nadari is a Portfoliobox user since 2018, you can check out his work on his website: peymannaderi.com. If you would like to know more about our upcoming exhibitions, don't forget to follow us on our social media.

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