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February 12, 2018

Section page

Let us present the brand new Section Page templates. 



Section pages are filled with 13 section types that you can stack on top of each other to create your own single page. It includes countless settings allowing you to control margins, padding, colour and size of each section. Give it a try in your admin panel: Create Page → Section page.

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Video Background


You can now add a dynamic visual effect to your site with video background for Cover pages and Cover sections. Background videos will play on loop and without sound. Read how to upload a video background on our blog

Image quality 

We have improved the general image quality on your site. We have also added a setting for you to control it. Find it under Settings → General → Website → Image quality. Read more about it.

Image Position for blog


Until now, your blog images displayed by default under the title and the text of your blog post. We've improved it and implemented a new setting allowing you to choose the position of your images. Read more.

New Menu hover options

We have added new menu hover settings: 
  Background colour  

Find them under Colors & Fonts → Menu → Menu Hover Link. We have also added background color for menu active link.



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