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FAQ - Domain & Email

I just upgraded and published my site, and it doesn’t work. Why?

When connecting a domain name to a site, its DNS (Domain Name System) settings are changed. These changes can take between 24 and 48 hours to start working properly. This waiting period is called "propagation time", i.e. the time it takes for changes to update throughout the web. The exact timing depends on many factors and falls outside Portfoliobox's control. If your website doesn’t work after 48h, please contact our support team at https://www.portfoliobox.net/contact.

What are the nameservers?

Custom domain names are not configured with nameservers but with DNS records. The nameservers should be the default ones of your domain provider.

Can I change my domain?

To change the domain name linked to your Portfoliobox account, please contact our support team at https://www.portfoliobox.net/contact.

How can I configure my domain?

  1. Log into your account and find where you manage your DNS settings. Depending on your provider, this may be Zone File Settings, Manage Domains, Advanced DNS, DNS Editor, DNS Manager, or something similar.
  2. Create an A-record for "@" that points to "".
  3. Delete all other A-records set for "@".
  4. Create a CNAME record for "www" that points to "home.portfolioboxdns.com".
  5. Give it time to propagate (up to 48h).
  6. In your Portfoliobox admin panel, click "See Live" and Confirm the configuration.

Can I transfer my domain to another provider?

Of course. If you wish to transfer your domain from Portfoliobox to another host, contact us at least 45 days before your account expires. You can request this from the support team at https://www.portfoliobox.net/contact.

Why is there a "not secure" warning on my page?

Portfoliobox sites are automatically protected with SSL certificates which will be registered within 48h after you request or submit a domain. If your site is still not secure after 48h, please contact our support team at https://www.portfoliobox.net/contact.

Can I use the domain I already own?

Yes, if you are on the Pro or Pro Plus plan.

  1. In your admin panel, click on Publish.
  2. Choose ”Use the domain I already own”.
  3. Submit your domain name, click ”Use my domain”, and confirm.
  4. Then configure your domain name according to this domain configuration guide.

Can I register a country-specific domain like .se?

Portfoliobox cannot register country-specific domain names (.se, .fr, .co.uk, etc.). However, you can register one with a third-party provider and configure it. Choose a domain name.

How can I set up an email address associated with my domain?

If you want to create an email address, such as info@yourdomain.com, you need to contact an email hosting services such as ZohoGoogle Workspace, or any other service that fits your need. The email hosting cost is not included in your Portfoliobox subscription. Please contact our support team at https://www.portfoliobox.net/contact.

Can I transfer my domain to Portfoliobox?

It is not possible to transfer your domain name to Portfoliobox. If you own a domain name, you need to configure it to work with Portfoliobox. This way, all your existing domain settings (including your email if it is connected to your domain, like me@yourdomain.com) will remain as they are.

NB! Only Pro and Pro Plus users can connect a domain name to their Portfoliobox site.

Why do I get a 404 error when I visit my website?

When this happens, the domain is configured properly but not connected to your Portfoliobox account. Contact our support team at https://www.portfoliobox.net/contact if you encounter such an issue.

Can I have several domains?

Portfoliobox can only purchase and configure one domain name for each Pro and Pro Plus account. If you wish to get a second domain name, you can register one and redirect it to your Portfoliobox website's primary domain.

NB! You should configure your second domain name with URL redirection. Contact your domain host and ask them how to create a URL redirect.

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