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Send a quote to your client

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From your Portfoliobox admin panel, you can send quotes to clients with ease. Just hit "send", and your clients will receive a professional quote in their inbox.

To be able to send a quote to a customer, you first need to change its status to "Sent". At this stage, the quote cannot be edited

Send a quote

  1. Click Libraries & Tools.
  2. Choose In-Person Payments under Business Tools.
  3. Hover over the quote you wish to send and click Edit.
  4. Click View and Share.
  5. Set the status to Sent if not already done.
  6. Fill in your client's email address if needed. 
  7. Write your message
  8. And click Send

Your client will receive an email containing a link to access and review the offer. You will also receive a copy of the email for your records. Your client can use the link to access the quote, review the details, and print it if they wish. If your client accepts the offer, they can fill out the form on the quote page.

Once the quote is accepted, the system will automatically change its status to "Accepted". On the quote, a message will state, "This quote has already been accepted".

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