5 features you may have missed


2. Move images from one gallery to another

You have uploaded photos to a gallery but think some of them would fit better in a different one. You don't actually need to manually delete them and upload them again — we've saved you some time and made it effortless. Select the images that you wish to transfer and choose the new gallery under the drop-down menu Move to gallery. 

3. Set a logo for the mobile version

All the templates are made to be responsive — that means that templates are made to fit screens in the best possible way. When it comes to your logo, you need to decide whether you want to display another version of your logo on mobile devices. Sometimes a text logo can appear too small to read on a smaller screen. You can, therefore, choose to upload an image or edit the size of your current text logo on mobile device. You do that by clicking on Logo → Mobile logo.

In order to be sure to not miss any other mobile settings, watch this video. 

4. Set a style to the menu active link

The active menu link is the page the visitor is currently visiting. You can choose to highlight it by setting a colour and a style (bold, italic, underline). It helps the visitor keeping track of where he is on your website. You find if under Colors and fonts → Menu → Menu active link. Watch the video below to learn how to edit it. 

5. Menu Background image

Did you know that you can set a background image for your menu, if you use a layout with a menu box?  Go to Colors and Fonts → Menu → Menu background image and upload an image. Note that the left part of the image will display so you may have to adjust the image before uploading it. 

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