Best Portfolio Website Builders for Artists


They have opened up great opportunities for artists who want to turn their hobby into a successful business. These website builders will help you make an outstanding self-presentation that showcases your artistic talents and presents yourself as a consummate professional. 

Now let's take a closer look at the best website builders for artists and find out what makes them so easy to use. 

Portfoliobox is a professional portfolio website builder with advanced features and full-fledged functionality. In addition to basic functions for small businesses, it provides optimized e-commerce functionality, allowing users to present their artworks and sell them online. Creating a website with Portfoliobox is an easy experience, even for a user who has never used such builders before. It takes just a few minutes to understand how the system works. The developers have created an intuitive and straightforward tool palette with all the necessary settings in one place. All you have to do is edit your images or videos and upload them using an intuitive visual editor. You will not find traditional style templates here, but you have the option to create your own. The website builder offers different types of ready-made layouts instead of creating a new site form. This approach can work if you are tired of typical templates that look the same. The system allows you to upload images, change product descriptions or the "About Me" section, add galleries, playlists, etc. A significant advantage is the free use of the builder.

Squarespace can also help you to build your website. It has some good excellent templates specifically created for designers and artists. You do not need any website development skills as it is easy to use and allows you to create websites that will look as good as your art. It makes it an easy choice for artists, along with beautifully designed templates. Remember, the idea is that you should create your portfolio. Squarespace is one of the best services to help you do that, but you can check out other options if you want.

Behance is one more user-friendly online portfolio builder that allows you to implement almost all your needs, both in regular images and in video format. The great advantage is that you can add multimedia from other resources besides text and images: Vimeo, YouTube,, Veoh, Mevio, Yahoo Video, MySpace Video, Fast Company, Dailymotion, SoundCloud, Mixcloud, Bandcamp, 4shared, Issuu, JotForm, Google Maps. etc. There are no significant and unpleasant limitations to publishing your artwork on Behance. The main limitation is that you cannot upload the whole image in its original resolution. All photos  reduces to a width of 600 pixels.

Tips on how to achieve success creating your online art portfolio 

Tips on how to achieve success creating your online art portfolio

However, it is not enough just to find the right website to create a worthy portfolio. When building your online portfolio, keep these tips in mind to become a true leader in your business:

  • A clear structure. A good art portfolio shows a range of skills, professionalism, and a unique style. Identify your priority areas and select examples of successful projects. For you as an artist, it is samples of successful artworks representing your particular conception. Do not arrange your work chronologically. Your portfolio should start and end with your most vital projects.
    • Quality visuals. Try to present each artwork in your portfolio favorably. Online images should be bright and quality. Otherwise, they will not attract attention. Add a brief, succinct, and attractive description to each presented work.
    • A balance of time and quality. Your art portfolio should not cause boredom, so try not to include too many projects - about 20-30 examples are enough. The presentation of artworks should be interactive and dynamic if it is a video format. That is why the slideshow genre is ideal for demonstrating achievements. 
  • Collaboration data. Think in advance where to place your online portfolio. This may be your website, YouTube channel, a group in a social network, or a thematic forum. Make sure you include your contact information or the description.

Observe the portfolios of experienced artists

Are you a beginner and have never before encountered creating an online art portfolio? Every talented and successful artist nowadays has a website with their work. Surely you want to see how others do it. We have prepared a few examples of beautiful online portfolios for your inspiration. 

Zaria Forman

Zaria Forman

Talented artist from Greenland, Zaria Forman, creates breathtaking, hyper-realistic paintings of the sea to show the world's fragility. Each of her pastel drawings is breathtaking in its beauty and casualness. By the way, she paints all her pictures with her fingers.

Gabriel Moreno

Gabriel Moreno is a modern Spanish illustrator and graphic artist. He draws by hand with minimal digital processing. He likes to mix styles to increase the impressionability of his works. Gabriel has experience of working with Sunday Times and Time Out London companies. You can see for yourself by viewing his creations.

Malika Favre

Malika Favre is a French illustrator and graphic artist. 

She describes her work as a combination of pop art and wholesale art. Her art is quite popular all around the world: her client list includes major cosmetics and clothing brands, the world's leading newspapers and magazines, film awards, etc. Malika is always ready to work for free for a noble cause. "I could easily do an illustration and give it to a good reason. I won't do it for the big brands-they have to pay for the work.” - that's the artist's position.

Steeven Salvat 

French artist Steeven Salvat creates magnificent drawings of animals, birds, machines, and various objects. He works in watercolor, tracing the details with a thin technical drawing pen and ink. Moreover, Steeven experiments with animation. His portfolio represents his talents. 

John Burgerman

John Burgerman is an artist who draws murals, paintings, books, videos, cartoons, different characters, and doodles. As he says, improvisation and play are vital ingredients of his practice. John Burgerman's art portfolio reflects the quirky nature of his work. Customized GIFs and a lively color scheme immediately expose visitors to Jon's artistic identity.

Watch the online portfolios of these beautiful artists, and you will see that creating a spectacular self-presentation is a very delicate process. Pay attention to how well thought out all the details are. The artists have chosen only their most substantial work, without the weariness of the viewer with a considerable number of examples of their art. You should also take care so that your portfolio looks professional, which is where the website builders described above, designed specifically for artists, can help you. Remember that your self-presentation is your best advertisement!

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