Family portrait ideas


Some people use portrait ideas as elements of interior decoration and to create home comfort, while others prefer to store family photos in a photo album on the shelf. Be that as it may, reviewing family albums is a favorite and very touching activity for many.

Children's photographs are not only fun to revisit in terms of history and emotional connection; they are fun to look at.

Old black-and-white, yellowed, curled photographs are pleasant to revisit. Go through old pictures and look for familiar and at the same time unknown faces of very young mothers, fathers, and other relatives. This is the value of a family album in transferring memory between generations.

Therefore, print photos, create family albums and photo books. Think with level of interest your children will be able to turn the pages. Printed photographs are much more vivid and valuable than their digital counterparts.

Here are some family portrait ideas:

  • Use portrait ideas to create unique shots. There are usually at least three people in a family. Arrange them compactly in the frame. Ask to hug, stand closer to each other at different levels (sitting, standing). It is a good idea to use steps, chairs, or the back of a sofa in this case. Place larger family members half a turn away from the camera, or cover them with slimmer models or children. Ask your models to hug, partially hiding the fuller person behind the shoulders of the other participants in the family photoshoot.
  • Play flights with children. If you are photographing a family with a small child, ask your parents to play with him, circle, throw him into the air. Fun, good mood, happy smile of the baby, and cheerful photos are provided for you.
  • Let the kids play pranks. You can come up with a shooting idea ahead of time in which the naughty child will play the main plot role. And ask your parents to play along with him. You can dress up babies in themed costumes, and very young babies can wear funny accessories too large for them.
  • Improvise while lying in the leaves. After a good time of fun, ask your models to lie down on the floor, on the lawn, on the fall leaves, or right in the snow.
  • Use special effects to spice up your family photoshoot with frames, mirrors, and natural reflections. Don't forget about the well-known powerful picture-in-picture trick.
  • Ask to show love to each other.
  • Use an unusual upside-down or bottom-to-top angle to make things look a lot more interesting.
  • Include creative thinking for family portrait ideas.

Family portrait ideas in the interior

Family portrait ideas in the interior

The creative family portrait depicts the past, present, and future. This is the visible embodiment of sincerity and love. And it is quite natural that for such a value one would like to find a good place.

  • The tradition of placing family portraits in the interior has been around for centuries. Moreover, the place for such works of art is located in the house or apartment and in the office. 
  • So, in Europe and America, it was considered and is still considered good form to hang a family portrait in the office. This, of course, is not about amateur photographs (they just belong in the album), but about really good work, either studio photography or a painting. 
  • Moreover, the place for such works of art is located not only in the house or apartment but also in the office. Thus, the manager introduces subordinates and clients in absentia to his family members, that is, demonstrates openness, benevolence, and friendly disposition. In addition, a married businessman is a priori considered a more reliable business partner than a single one.
  • But you can't just hang a picture and hope that everything will be fine. If you choose the wrong format or place, your loved ones will soon become annoying. It sounds intimidating, but this is how it is. Even the best thing gets boring if you choose the wrong frame for it. Well, your family members will at least embarrass the guests in this state of affairs.
  • To prevent this from happening, you need to think in advance about the portrait’s plot, color, dimensions, and compatibility with the room’s main style.

Plot. In many ways, the plot of a creative family portrait depends on the purpose of the room. Most often, portraits are placed in the living room, bedroom, hallway, or study. But in the kitchen, hallway, or nursery, they are almost never used.

What plots to choose:

  • Living room. Almost any topic is relevant here. Usually, there is a deliberately ordinary, everyday portrait; for example, the whole family is in a favorite park or an iconic place of the city for a walk.
  • Bedroom. Here you should be careful in choosing a plot. After all, this room is a resting place. Neutral portraits look good on a solid background. It is important that they do not draw attention to themselves and not cause too vivid emotions and memories.
  • Hall. Like the living room, it is a completely neutral space. You can choose a creative family portrait with any subject. Perhaps the most common classical ceremonial portraits (such as in the homes of aristocrats of the 18th-19th centuries) or dynamic shots from walks, trips, parties.
  • Cabinet. The premise is quite strict, imbued with a spirit of efficiency, and the portrait must be appropriate. At the same time, the image of a family gives this place a little more warmth and naturalness. A good idea is portraits, where all family members are busy with their favorite hobby, uniting business, and teamwork. At the same time, it is important to observe the norms of etiquette: no beach scenes, excessively cheerful parties, etc. A family portrait in the interior of the office should glow with restraint, dignity, and kindness at the same time.

What kind of style should a family portrait be?

What kind of style should a family portrait be

Color of the family portrait. . As a simple rule, the color scheme of the portrait itself should be in harmony with the frame, and the whole composition as a whole looks good in the room.There are no strict requirements for the color range of creative family portraits; everything depends only on the room’s color scheme. Conveniently, if we are talking about a photographic portrait, you can simply open it on a tablet or smartphone and place it in the chosen place

The colors of the picture can be:

  • Brown and burgundy.
  • Denim, yellow, raspberry.
  • Dark blue, Brown, Cream.
  • Shine and white.
  • Crimson, Brown, Denim.

With a painting to order is a little more difficult. It is better to invite the artist home to resolve this issue: he will inspect the room and decide which colors are preferable. You can show the master a photo of the room, but remember that the technique sometimes slightly changes the shades. It is unlikely that such a deviation will be critical for the portrait, but this circumstance must not be lost sight of.

A creative family portrait is best placed on a plain, ideally white wall. If this is not possible, choose the most neutral wall possible.

Dimensions of the creative family portrait. In theory, a family portrait can be of any size. The more family members, the larger the canvas. You don't want your nephews' faces to be a blur in the background, do you?

In this case, the portrait should not prevail. Remember, it is an important part of the interior, but only a part. Making a picture on the whole wall (like a photo wallpaper).

To check if the proportions are respected, take a cloth or sheet of paper the size of the intended portrait. Attach to the place where you plan to place the work. How does it look? Does it fit in size? Adjust the blade until you find the optimal size.

It may turn out that only a small picture fits into the room, but you want all family members to be in the picture. Then it's worth considering a collage. Five to ten frames (preferably in different sizes) seem more compact than one big job. It is possible to form a family tree in this way. This is not so much a creative family portrait as a story in the roots of a tree, place portraits or photographs of great-grandfathers and great-grandmothers, but photos of grandchildren and granddaughters on the branches. The advantage of such a solution is mobility; as new relatives appear, the portrait can be supplemented.

Compatibility with the main style. If the creative family portrait style argues with the style of the room, this is a bad sign. At best, you just shoot the picture. At worst, you will experience constant irritation, discontent, and discomfort.

Designers recommend mixing styles, but this should be done with great care. There are directions that harmoniously complement each other, but there are also trends that come into confrontation. In order not to be mistaken, use this hint.

If your room is decorated in a classic style, the portrait can be done in one of the following directions:

  • neoclassicism
  • classicism
  • modern
  • empire

Great for Scandinavian style:

  • avant-garde
  • classicism
  • realism.

In an industrial apartment decorated in a loft or grunge style, solutions in the following styles look advantageous:

  • hyperrealism
  • Art Nouveau
  • art deco.

And if we are talking about a country-style room, it makes sense to issue a creative family portrait in the style of:

  • naturalism
  • mannerism
  • Renaissance.

However, the interior is often not kept in one direction. Several styles are adjacent, and then you need to take into account the peculiarities of each. In order not to disturb the composition, consult with the designer.

General requirements for a family portrait in the interior. When it comes to a photographic portrait, choose the pictures that best reflect the characters of the family members. If you are ordering a portrait from an artist, it is better to talk to the master first. After all, it is essential to convey the external similarity and the individuality of each person.

Don't be stingy to pay more, but get really high-quality work. Do not rush the master, who prepares a portrait for you; a good work does not appear in a day or two.

Also, try to match the mood of the family members in the image with the general mood of the room. This is calmness and serenity in the bedroom, office, efficiency, living room or hall, openness, and optimism.

You will transform the room and add a little more family warmth to the atmosphere by following these tips.

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