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The fashion, e-commerce, and entertainment industries increase the demand for photography services. Vivid photos of top models, advertising prospects, and family portraits are in demand.

However, the photo prof’s talent is half of the expected results. At least 50% of success depends on photo processing. In the professional photography world, this process is called photo editing. 

Global analytics predict quite positive tendencies in editing business development due to the rapid scale-up of ICT tools and directions. Photo editor apps and software programs, free or license-based, help improve amateur skills and upgrade the professional UX/UI abilities if you decide to start this particular business activity. Also, social media tools and famous bloggers discover practical tutorials to get acquainted with editing trends.

How to grow a photo editing startup as a competitive business?

Photo editing activities are essential if the captures require some improvements to remove minor imperfections. This process should primarily cope with the high client’s requirements and expectations regarding the professional portrait or commercial photos. Someone could say that the photography agency fulfills all stages of the photoproduction - from the session process to the retouch. This statement is ultimately reasonable. But, what if you are interested in UX/UI design and able to work with a photoshop editor and have a great wish to transform your skills into the source of your living? The answer could have two opposite grounds.

On the one hand, you may continue to work as a freelancer for a few photo agencies and carry out orders. On the other hand, you may start your own profitable business specializing in photo editing services and develop it into a larger company, making employment opportunities for pioneer UI designers.

If you tend to have your own agency, you need to compile a long to-do list and follow it. Well, check up our recommendations for the photo editing business startup.

Inspire yourself of photo editing business success stories


Before setting up your own photo editing business, you need to evaluate your sources and knowledge about the market, target groups, and professional competence to ensure your future business success. If you are a creative person who permanently finds new self-imposed ways, admires the photography process, and likes to cooperate with clients tête-à-tête, the photo editing business is not your cup of tea, and this is ok.

However, if you want to upgrade your skills and monetize the editing and retouching process, you should try it.

Read about the success of the outstanding editors, get inspired by watching their videoblogs, and follow the social media pages of the photo retouching software developers. The list is not exhausted, and you are free to seek the motivation sources that help determine the editing apps, tools, and particular directions.

In case you feel difficulties in the business-specific aspects, you may ask for the consultation or advice of the accounting or legal service companies to orient the tax and registration aspects of the future profitable activity.

Estimate your business startup

Estimate your business startup

To set up any kind of business, you have to make a strategy and follow steps consistently. One step is to compile the checklist for the starting business expenditures, so-called business estimated budget, or a business plan. It helps beginners to calculate the initial costs for the business startup activities.

The list of items prepared below is utmost appropriate for any photo editing business, but the budget could slightly vary due to the regional or local price level:

  • Business location. For the editing business, you may neglect this point. The retouching activities do not require ample space, and the home office is enough to work with a narrow range of clients. However, if your client database is significant and your business ambitions achieve the company size, you need to foresee the costs of buying or renting an office. In this case, a bank loan could be one of the financial resources for your business initiation.
  • Photo editing hardware and software. Your hard and soft skills, including expert knowledge, make no sense if you purchase the appropriate photo editing tools. A PC or laptop with satisfactory processing parameters will be helpful for photo editing. The central point is to use licensed photo editing apps or software tools. To this end, you need to intend the costs for the consent payment and the annual support updates.
  • Advertising tools. The social media pages are the must-have attribute to start your business promotional campaign. The other essential item is your website, where you may post your best references and portfolio package. Anyway, the business startup budget should include the costs for these promotional activities.

The average budget is about 5k USD to make your business trendy and profitable in the future.

Receive all registration licenses and permissions for your business

Receive all registration licenses and permissions for your business

To work legally, it is necessary to register activities and pay taxes required by your state and federal fiscal laws. The registration proves that your company is reliable and you are not a fraud. 

To register a business, you may need judicial assistance. Professional consulting of specialized legal, accounting, or business support centers will provide you with the required information for the business startup.

First of all, you should decide what type of legal entity you wish to manage. Perhaps, if your business startup budget is limited and you have a small client database, the sole proprietorship would be perfect to start an editing business. Also, this business type resembles freelance activity and does not restrict your working hours or office space.

Suppose you realize what edition business is and its scales and what practical skills and knowledge you should have to manage such activities. If your individual business activities are profitable and scaling up, you may upgrade your company format and change its legal status as LLC, corporation, and partnership.

The established business legal form is a profound confirmation of your business intentions and helps develop the other starting specialists who want to train or work within your company. Also, LLC or another company type is vital if you wish to establish contracting relations with modeling agencies or entertainment planning bureaus.

Establish partnerships with other entities 

Commitment to work and equipped premises will not entirely guarantee 100% of a successful business. The photo editing business is also related to cutting-edge ICT solutions. These solutions encourage the visibility and communication effects required to promote and scale up the photo editing companies.

All you need are:

  • Website. A flexible and curious web resource is an excellent way to demonstrate your references and best works. The individual business website is a quality indicator proving your skills and results. It is a suitable way to visualize your practical achievements. You may add some personal blogs to discover your life hucks in photo editing. Do not forget to make space for your potential clients’ feedback.
  • Messengers are one of the best ways to communicate with business partners and clients. They help you to plan activities and provide quick feedback, which positively affects your business running. These ICT solutions offer new opportunities for SMS or Push messages which help your business keep in touch with your target groups. So, you may plan your daily activities or create your blog advertising channels via such suitable communication instruments. The talking business tools are also helpful, especially during Covid outbreak. Skype, Zoom, Microsoft Team, etc., are not an exhaustive list of the conversation apps that help you discuss the order with your clients and show the interim results by sharing the screen or sending the files. One more business must-have thing is an official email that is equal to your name or business brand. The mailing indicates the official status and positively impacts your business reputation.
  • SMM tools, including various social media, are the quickest way to promote your business because a large portion of the global youth inhabits virtual social life. SMM advertising campaigns could require significant financing, but the final result is worth it. Never regret investing much revenue into SMM tools because it is an excellent way to promote your works and business brand.

Cooperate with photography agencies and peer business entities

Cooperate with photography agencies and peer business entities

Not be afraid to cooperate with other editors and photography agencies. The cooperation is vital because:

  • It expands your client and business partner database. Sometimes photography agencies are too busy to provide the edition services, and they need qualified partners to fill their business gaps or weaknesses. In this case, you may involve new companions and promote your services among their clients, establishing peer-to-peer ties;
  • It improves your skills. Modern technologies are developing day-to-day, and you need to hurry up for them. You could hardly investigate all trends and editing apps. However, the cooperation allows sharing experience and knowledge among the same peer entities to work better and more effectively.
  • It forms your positive business image. It is crucial to create a brand name remarkable among clients. The cooperation activities promote your brand via some other tools and sources. The brand is a success indicator and quality confirmation, making a positive image in the identical business spheres.
  • It inspires you to grow. When you participate in various thematic conferences, submits, and business events, you contact your idols and gurus who motivate you to learn something new and expand your business horizons. Also, the established links could make the positive changes mentioned above.
  • It is a way to establish friendly contacts. Cooperation is the ties between specialists and some individuals who can share their ups and downs, professional and emotional burnouts, etc.

If you are a prospective photo editing specialist with solid business ambitions, never give up on your dream and start your business trendy today.


What is the best free photo editor?

Today you can find helpful photo editing apps like GIMP, Canva, PhotoScape, Adobe Photoshop products, Live Collage, etc. Also, the famous IT companies produce the respective tools for free downloading opportunities. Each option has its pros and cons, and the best one is up to you.

How can I edit photos online for free?

To edit photos online for free, you may use various apps and websites offering many valuable features to retouch and improve the quality of images. All you need is to upload the particular file and save the output on the PC. Some online resources could ask you to sign in and create your account. Developing editing skills, the free online apps would become helpful tools.

Is there money in photo editing?

Despite any doubt, to be a photo editor is quite profitable. The skilled and experienced pro could earn up to 40k USD per year, on average. If you have been working for several years and seem to be a senior freelancer, your profits are approximately 70k USD annually.

Is there a demand for photo editors?

The demand for photo editors is permanently rising because the development of e-commerce, fashion industry, entertainment, and advertising business move forward the photography services diversifying their directions and activities. Everyone wants to receive high-quality photos with perfect content, backdrop, and supporting elements.

How much should I charge for retouching photos?

The price lists vary from 85 USD to 120 USD per hour and depend on a few crucial factors: scope of work, the photo editor’s experience, the required editing tools, and a sphere of the photo client business. The editing specialists usually spend only an hour to make your photo quality higher and remove the undesirable inequalities.

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