Web Design Trends 2021


Ease of navigation, security of the resource, and fast loading of content will always be at the peak of popularity because fashion comes and goes, but the basics will remain forever.

For your site to always outperform the competition, it is essential to keep abreast of fashion trends. Web design in 2021 is a huge number of opportunities that need to be used wisely to achieve real success. If you compare the commercial sites of popular brands, you will notice that their design is similar to popular social networks. Indeed, it is difficult to find a person who does not use such well-known social networks as Facebook or Instagram. In such an environment, the user will feel as comfortable as possible and will be able to navigate quickly.

Despite the rise of innovations in web design, minimalism continues to be in demand for designers in 2021. The minimalist style attracts attention with its simplicity and functionality at the same time. This style is not based on visual principles but on rigorous graphic design techniques. Here you will see clear and regular shapes, uncomplicated fonts, discreet colors, and a lot of free space.

Brightness is gaining popularity in 2021, using colorful hues in tandem with simple fonts and a modest set of additional details. The trend has become popular not only due to its laconic design. Simplicity and convenience for the user, the functionality of the interfaces, in which there is nothing superfluous, immediately attract the attention they deserve. Indeed, the more complex the interface, the more time it takes for the user to find info. That is why minimalism does not go out of style.

Of course, the final choice is yours. But a few design trends in 2021 should not be applied when working out the basics of web design:

  • Don't use a lot of different fonts; it's distracting
  • Choose the right animation or video instead of sliders
  • Avoid low contrast fonts.

Top web design trends in 2021

Top web design trends in 2021

What web design trends should you use when building websites in 2021 to attract customers' attention and achieve high conversions?

  • Collage and mixed media. Collage has become one of the TOP web design techniques in 2021. Thanks to the efforts of designers, mixed media quickly became popular among famous brands. Collage is a combination of images, photographs, graphic elements, text, animation, which are used to create a vivid aesthetic image that attracts attention. In 2021, you can see not just a collage but animated images, decorative letters, artistic textures such as watercolor or oil strokes, gouache.

Collage is a fashion trend that definitely earned attention in 2021. Collages perfectly highlight minimalist UX design, allowing you to go beyond standards and stand out from the competition. This is a great option for making your brand vibrant, creative, and recognizable.

  • Anti-design. This is a style of controversy that emerged in 2019 and gradually seeped into all areas of web design. Rudeness and intransigence opposed good web design. Here you can see distortion, asymmetry, experimental elements, layering, and even ugly details that not everyone will like. But if you are looking for an original option to stand out from the general background, anti-design is exactly what you need to grab attention.

A lot of professionals have been very keen on the anti-design world lately. As practice has shown, mixed images and fonts work great with a well-thought-out UX design. But when designing an eye-catching picture, don't forget about balance. If you decide to design your resource in an anti-design style, along with brightness, you should pay attention to simplicity, functionality, and user-friendliness.

  • Organic design. These design trends come from 2020. The basis here is natural motives and imitation of the surrounding world. Until recently, the trend was popular in product design and graphic design, and in 2021, it smoothly moved to web design. The organic design focuses on environmental themes. Here you will see natural, earthy hues, natural lines, and raw textures.

The main vocation of neutrals is to copy the palette of the environment to create a sense of naturalness. The most popular are beige, white, pink, blue, and green colors, which perfectly complement natural palettes. If desired, natural shades can be combined with brighter colors to create contrast.

  • Illustrations. Illustrations were the real hit of web design in 2021. A huge number of popular brands have recognized this trend and are already actively using it. Interesting illustrations are excellent for drawing attention to the site with their originality. Well-drawn pictures attract customers, creating a pleasant sense of coziness. In 2021, illustrators began to depict unusual people. At the same time, the main task of designers is to create a variety of characters to learn something of their own.
  • Functionality. Functionality and user-friendliness remain the key principle of web design. No matter how creatively the designers approach the site’s design, the efforts will not bring the desired result if the structure seems inconvenient to the user. Fast page loading, mobile-friendly interface, inclusiveness have created a need for a similar design that will suit everyone.

The functional and user-friendly design, which the user can easily understand, allows effective interaction with the client. This allows you to increase conversion and audience coverage, which contributes to the active promotion of the site.


What makes the site more functional:

  1. the color contrast between background and text,
  2. focus indicators that appear around links when keyboard navigation is applied,
  3. hints and labels in form fields,
  4. easy-to-read content,
  5. alternative texts for images.
  • Interactivity and motion design. Compared to static images, users are becoming more attracted to the design for which video is used. Motion design is a simple way to make even a simple page interesting. Therefore, this approach quickly became popular in web design. Many well-known brands have begun to add interactive elements such as quizzes, polls, games to their sites.

Geometric design and 3D effects. In modern web design, geometric shapes are often used, for example, classic polygons, rhombuses, triangles. In 2021, the list of popular elements includes three-dimensional objects, floating shapes, grid lines.

  • Geometric designs combine surreal animation with real-world effects to create a futuristic effect. This style is ideal for showcasing new products that spin as if in the air on rollers. Add more layers, borders, gridlines, combining them with discreet geometric elements.

Interactivity is an important element that grabs attention. At the same time, a balance should be observed so that interesting interactive details do not distract the user's attention from the main task for which he is visiting the site.

Web Design Color Trends of 2021

The dark color scheme is the newest design trend of 2021 and is gaining popularity every day.

It was believed that only a white background is optimal for creating free space on websites or applications for a long time. But big names like Apple or Clock Strikes Twelve have proven otherwise. The use of a dark color makes the site look stylish and elegant. Also, against a dark background, other elements stand out favorably, for example, pastel and neon, which have not lost their popularity since 2020.

Studies have shown that dark mode consumes less battery power than light mode. Also, dark color has a minimal negative effect on vision; therefore, it is better suited for perception.

Today, there are more and more products that are designed using dark colors, in particular blue. The dark color is elegant and pleasing to the eye. Contrast is more noticeable against a dark background, which makes design elements more visible. And so that visitors can customize the site for their own needs, you can turn on the dark mode switch, as many popular companies do. More and more brands are joining the fashion trend every day. Even if the resource was originally created in light shades, the designers could select a dark background.

What to look for when creating a graphic design?

What to look for when creating a graphic design

When developing a website design in 2021, take into account all fashion trends, and do not forget a few more essential points:

  • Generate interest by creating unusual asymmetrical shapes.
  • Place information on the site compactly, making it easier and faster to assimilate.
  • Use artificial intelligence like voice search.
  • Pay special attention to the design of icons, which should be designed in the same style.

2021 promises to be a very exciting year for web design. Some design trends were previously known but only became in high demand in 2021. Other ideas have turned out to be a real discovery for designers and are rapidly gaining popularity.

Creating a convenient and fashionable website design is not an easy but quite doable task. While staying on-trend, keep functionality and user-friendliness in mind. It is not necessary to use all the 2021 web design trends at the same time. It is enough to choose a few elements that successfully emphasize your brand image. This approach will make it possible to achieve real success in the world of information technology.

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