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Hide the menu from the page

By default, all pages will always display the main menu. In some instances, hiding the menu will help you get the design you're going for.

There are two ways to hide the menu on a specific page:

Menu Settings

  1. Hover your mouse over to your main menu
  2. On the upper right corner of your main menu, click the Edit Menu button
  3. Select Hide menu on this page option
  4. A small pop-up window will show up, click the Hide option to proceed
  5. You will have to refresh or reload your page to see the changes

    Hide Menu - Menu Settings

Page Settings

  1. Navigate to Manage Pages
  2. Select Edit Existing Page
  3. Hover your mouse over to the page where you want to hide the menu. 
  4. On the right end of the page title, click on Settings
  5. Look for the option Hide the menu on this page
  6. Toggle the button below to enable or disable the option (If the option turns blue, it means that it's enabled.)
  7. A small pop-up will show up after enabling the option, click on the Toggle button to proceed
  8. You will have to refresh or reload the page to see the changes

    Hide Menu - Page Settings

NB! You can repeat the same steps above if you wish to unhide a menu for a specific page. Unhiding a menu will only work using the Page Settings method. 

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