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Sunset of Universal Analytics + Google Analytics 4

What is Google Analytics 4?

Google Analytics 4, often known as GA4, is a brand-new tool that will replace Universal Analytics as the measurement tool in the future. According to Google, "Universal Analytics property" will cease data processing on July 1, 2023. Starting in July, fresh data will only enter Google Analytics 4.

The notification about the update should be visible at the top of your Google Analytics dashboard after logging in. Only if you are still utilizing Universal property will the notification appear.

Google Analytics - Announcement

Identify which property version you are using

You are most likely using Universal Analytics if you created a property before October 14, 2020. The easiest way to check the property ID is by clicking the drop-down menu beside the Google Analytics logo. 
Google Analytics - Account Drop down

Universal Analytics ID starts with “UA”, while Google Analytics 4 property ID “only has numbers”

The first property in the example below is in Universal Analytics since its property ID begins with "UA," while the second property is already in Google Analytics 4 because its property ID only consists of numbers.

Google Analytics - Account details
If you're still using Universal Analytics property, we strongly suggest starting the transition to Google Analytics 4 right away. This will help you get started on becoming familiar with Google Analytics 4. Additionally, it will assist you in preparing for the eventual removal of Universal Analytics.

Transition from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4

  1. Log into your Google Analytics account. 
  2. On the leftmost part of your dashboard, click on Admin.
    Google Analytics 4 - Admin option
  3. Check the property in the second column, and make sure to select the Universal Analytics on which you want to base the Google Analytics 4 property you will create. (Universal Analytics property ID starts with "UA") 
  4. After checking the property, you can now click on GA4 Setup Assistant.
    GA4 Setup Assistant
  5. On the new window under I want to create a new Google Analytics 4 property, click on Get Started. Using the selected Universal Analytics property as a base, you can build a new Google Analytics 4 property with this option.

    GA4 Setup - Get Started
  6. To better understand what the setup assistance will perform, we advise you to read the information provided on the new window carefully.
  7. After reading the information, you can now click the Create and Continue button. 
    GA4 Setup - Create&Continue

  8. Google will ask you to copy and paste a code on every page of your website. You don't need to paste the entire code, only the measurement ID. Copy the ID, as shown in the screenshot below.
    It has the following format: G-XXXXXXXXXX.

    Google Analytics 4 measurement ID

Paste the Google Analytics 4 tracking  ID into your Portfoliobox website

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Select Website Settings.
  3. Under Google Analytics Tracking Id, paste the code you previously copied.
  4. Save.

Google Analytics 4 measurement ID

  1. On the leftmost part of your dashboard, click on Admin
    GA - Admin
  2. On the second panel, ensure your GA4 property is selected. 
    GA4 - admin property
  3. Select Data Streams from the list available on the second panel.  
    GA4 - Data Streams
  4. Click on the item displayed under the Web tab. Ensure the URL where your Universal Analytics is connected is visible on that item. 
    GA4 - WebTab item
  5. A new window will open up under Stream Details. Copy the Measurement ID. Also, under Events and beside the Measuring section, you can check which events will be measured by the new property. 
    GA4 - Measurement ID

  6. Log into your Portfoliobox account, and go to Settings
  7. Click on Website Settings
  8. Paste the Measurement ID you copied inside the Google Analytics Tracking Id field. 

NB! You may also check the complete guide from Google Support as a reference. 

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