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Portfoliobox 4 |  Wiedza Get Started with Portfoliobox 4 Understanding Portfoliobox 4

Highlights of Portfoliobox 4

Portfoliobox 4 is the latest version of Portfoliobox. It is easy to use, flexible, customisable, allowing you to add sections or elements to any page. It also comes with an improved e-commerce solution, client galleries and many more new functionalities.

Let's have a look at the main highlights of Portfoliobox 4! 

Build your pages with sections

With Portfoliobox, the initial content of a page can be extended with one or several sections. You can add different types of sections: gallery, text, links, services, team, submenu, contact form, and even blog or store teaser. This allow you to build your page as you like. You can even reorder the sections or duplicate them.

Add elements to your section

Each element in a section is independent from the others. You can add elements below existing elements, e.g. you can add a border under your menu, or a button below a text. You can even reorder the elements.

Duplicate pages & sections

This feature allows you to create a master page and duplicate it. All elements and settings are duplicated: margins, padding, titles, text, sizes, position, etc. Convenient when you want an identical layout on every page. You can also duplicate sections to the same page or other pages. Handy if you want to add a footer on every page.

Highlights of Portfoliobox 4 - Duplicate Page and Sections

Edit the styling of each element 

You can easily fine-tune your website by editing the styling of the elements on your website. That includes: font, sizes, colours, margins, padding, position, animation and mobile styles. 


You can add animation to each element of your website, e.g. fade in, zoom, slide, etc.

Password protected pages

Password protected pages are similar to regular pages, you can use all templates types and elements on your Password Protected Pages.

  • You can set a password to your Password Protected Pages
  • You can share the page with your clients by email
  • They can't be found in Google Search result
  • They don’t show up in the page lists such as Set as startpage, Link to Page, or Duplicate section to page
  • You can’t duplicate sections from Password Protected Pages to Pages
  • Password Protected Pages are not added to SEO (sitemap.txt) and don't have SEO settings

Highlights of Portfoliobox 4 - Password Protected Pages

E-commerce improvements

E-commerce has been updated with new features and functions that will make it easier for your to handle your products & orders. Here is a non-exhaustive list of the new features: versatile discount codes, flexible shipping rates, duplicate product, stock management, multiple payment solutions, etc.

Highlights of Portfoliobox 4 - Ecommerce

Preview your site before publishing it

No pressure! You can now build your site offline peacefully, take the time you need to get the result you want. When you're ready, publish your site and choose a domain name. Meanwhile, you can fully preview your work by clicking the preview button at the lower-left corner of your site.

Highlights of Portfoliobox 4 - Preview before publish

Lightroom integration

You can now export your images directly from Lightroom to your Portfoliobox account.

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