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What's new in Portfoliobox 4

    New: Template size settings


    You can choose a Template Size that will apply to all new pages on your site. You can choose a template size (Small, Medium, Large), the default animations for images and the default hover effect for images. The template size will affect the following:

    • padding of sections
    • hover transition for images
    • animations for images
    • caption position for images
    • overall font size
    • font size for header and logo
    • image margins in galleries
    • image size in galleries

    Find it under Styles → Global styles → Template settings

    Read more about Template Settings.

    New Text Template: Two Columns 4


    We released a new template for text pages: Two Columns 4. This new text template allows 2 columns to be created on your page. You can customise them with headers, images, buttons, forms or other elements. Introduce your team, your newest product, or a project. 

    New text page template: Two Columns 4 - Portfoliobox

    New: Horizontal hidden menu


    When your menu is hidden, you can choose that your menu links display horizontally instead of vertically by default. The submenus will display under the associated menu item, creating columns.

    Edit it under: 

    1. Edit menu
    2. Styles
    3. Size
    4. Hidden Menu Style: Cover - Horizontal

    Horizontal menu link for hidden menus - Portfoliobox

    5 New Colour Overlay on Hover for Images


    Choose new hover effects for images in your gallery under "Animations".

    1. Edit images
    2. Styles
    3. Animations
    4. Hover Effect: hover-overly-blue, hover-overly-red, hover-overly-purple, hover-overly-pink, hover-overly-turquoise, and hover-overly-random. 

    Colour overlay on hover for gallery images - Portfoliobox

    New Caption Placements for Gallery Images


    We implemented two new title placements for images in your galleries: Overlay & Overlay2, which will place the caption respectively on the image's top left and bottom right corner.

    To edit the position of your title:

    1. Click Edit images
    2. Click Styles
    3. Click Titles
    4. Choose a Titles Placement in the dropdown menu

    You can then adjust the padding and position of the title and subtitle.

    New caption position for images in galleries - Portfoliobox

    Overlay 2 - New caption position for images in galleries - Portfoliobox
    Overlay 2

    New style for Dropdown Lists


    The style for the List type Dropdown was updated.

    • The text isn't bold.
    • The + icon turns into a - icon when the list item is open.

    Dropdown list style

    New features


    • Duplicate sections to password-protected pages
    • Show/hides elements on mobile devices from Mobile styles

    New feature: gradients background for elements


    Introducing our latest addition: Gradient Colours! Now, effortlessly transform your website's background and selected text elements with stunning gradients to captivate your audience. Unleash your creativity and make a vibrant, seamless colour gradient statement! 

    Gradient colours for background and selected texts for your Portfoliobox website

    New styles for forms


    We now have the option to apply different styles to forms.

    Update: New style on inputs in forms


    The label moves to the top of the form when the input is focused.

    New blog feature: Next / Back on blog posts


    You can now go to the next or previous blog post with the icons below the blog post.
    • Left arrow: go to the previous blog post
    • Right arrow: go to the next blog post
    • Hamburger: go back to the first page of your blog

    New features: Email Subscription Form


    Collect email addresses with the new Email Subscription Form. Find it under Add New Element → Form → Email Subscription.

    1. When your visitor clicks that button, a popup will show.
    2. A confirmation email will be emailed to the address when the visitor submits the form.
    3. The visitor must click the confirmation email within 12 hours to be added to the mailing list.
    You can see all email subscribers and export a CSV file under Settings → Email subscribers.

    Style improvements


    • Style: All popups in front are improved and can be closed on the background.
    • Style: Smooth transition on scroll-to-top and scroll-to-section links.
    • You can now add bullet points in a CV description.
    • Style: 4 new Hover Effects were added for gallery images (shadow 1 & 2, opacity, overlay).
    • Submenu has a new, more modern style:
      • The submenu is aligned with the item above. 
      • All submenu styles are fixed.
      • Shadow was removed.

    Mobile improvements 


    • Mobile preview: The Mobile/desktop preview leads to the current page.
    • Mobile Menu Icon: The default style is improved, and four templates have been added. Find them under Global styles → Mobile → Menu Style → Menu icon style.
    • You can now add a Mobile Logo for all Logo elements on your website.

    Improvements for e-commerce


    • A Low inventory notice is sent when fewer than 5 products are in stock and you track stock.
    • An option to show the cart even if it's empty was added.
    • If you use Google Analytics, a gtag event is sent when a product is added to the cart. You can use this data for Google Ads retargeting.
    • You can now add alt-tag to product images (SEO title)

    Improvement: Better order management


    Here is what's new: 

    • The list can be filtered by payment status, delivery status, payment method, and item type.
    • You can search for a customer's name or order ID.
    • You can easily view the status of the payment & the shipping.
    • You can set a payment status of an order: Pending, Paid, Refunded, or Cancelled.
    • You can set a shipping status: as Pending or Shipped.
    • You can delete an order. 

    Learn more about order management.

    New: SEO guide in your admin panel


    Follow the guide in your admin panel to optimise your website for Search Engines. Click the icon in the bottom right-hand corner of your admin panel.

    New: inventory validation on checkout


    The system checks the inventory of the product before the checkout is completed. Suppose a customer adds the product to the cart, which gets sold out before the order is completed. In that case, the customer will see a message inviting him to contact the seller to verify the product availability. 

    As the seller, you will also receive an email informing you that the checkout failed, with information about the customer.

    New: Digital product & Digital download


    You can now upload, share, and sell digital files in your portfolio: ebooks, audio files, tutorials, courses, Lightroom presets, character designs, Photoshop brushes, zip files, or other digital files. 

    Your customers are sent a secure download link with a time limit. They will be redirected to a download page on your website. 

    Learn more about Digital files

    Update: product button


    We updated the product button so that you can now change the button's text, and choose to open the checkout directly without adding the product to the cart first. 

    New checkout interface


    • The discount code field is in the checkout view
    • Terms and Conditions are accepted by submitting
    • It's possible to close the popup by clicking the background
    • Legacy "manual order" was removed. You can choose invoice payment instead.

    New: dropdown lists 


    FAQ and general lists now have a dropdown style. Edit the style under Styles → Sizes → Type of lists. This allows you to hide and show the content of the lists. 

    30 new templates


    We implemented 30 new templates: 

    • Gallery 
      • Horizontal Focus: where the active image is visible, and the others have a reduced opacity
      • Puzzle 2:  with an extensive image and two smaller ones on the side
    • Text
      • Two Columns 3
      • Image Left 2
      • Image Right 2
      • Image Top 3
      • Image Bottom 3
      • Slideshow Left
      • Slideshow Right
    • Cover
      • Large Header Left
      • Image Bottom 3
    • Store
      • Horizontal Focus: where the active image is visible, and the others have a reduced opacity
      • Puzzle 2:  with an extensive image and two smaller ones on the side
    • Link page
      • Parallax
      • Horizontal focus
      • Puzzle 2
    • Sub-menu
      • Big Submenu
      • Menu Halfscreen
    • Services
      • Grid portraits
      • Circles 2
      • Columns
    • Team
      • Grid portraits
      • Circles 2
      • Columns
      • Grid Two Columns
    • Logos
      • Circles 2
      • Align the Center Two Columns
    • CV
      • Halfscreen CV
      • Two columns 3
      • Image Top 3
    • Testimonials
      • Circles 2
      • Grid Portraits 2

    Template clean-up


    • We upgraded our existing templates by adjusting the margins, the filler content and other details in the layout.
    • We also extracted the contact pages from the text pages category. They now have their own category in the list of page templates. 

    New template for forms


    In the form, you can add a new field: “Two text fields on one row”. This input creates two fields on the same line.

    Smaller feature updates


    • It's now possible to have an overlay on a section background image
    • Lightbox has a height setting (if you want more text under the image, for example)
    • Social media share on products could not be hidden. This is fixed.
    • Duplicate page feature is directly accessible from the page list (it was under page settings before)

    New: Copy / Paste styles 


    You can now copy the style of an element and paste it into another element, even a different one. 

    A new way to edit the mobile version


    It’s possible to edit the mobile view by clicking the mobile preview icon. 

    New: Link to help page from admin panel


    A new Learn button is in the admin panel's lower right corner. You'll find tutorial videos and a link to our help page.

    New: ready-made color & font combination


    You can now use ready-made colour and font combinations. Click on Styles → Ready Combinations. Choosing a ready-made combination will reset all Global Colors and fonts of the site. 

    New in global styles


    Caption titles, Caption subtitles, Caption text and Caption button are added to global styles. It’s also possible to set hover colors on buttons.

    New: Position of the button in a contact form


    It is now possible to position the button of a form left, centre, right, or next to the form. The default position is next to the form.

    Small updates


    Improved interface for Product Settings, Store Settings, and Link Selector


    New: Password Protected Pages


    Password Protected Pages are released. They are similar to regular pages, as you can use all templates and elements. The differences are:
    • You can set a password to Password Protected Pages
    • You can share the page with your clients
    • They can never be public, meaning that they can't be found in Google Search result.
    • They don’t show up in the Page lists such as “Set as startpage”, “Link to Page”, “Duplicate section to page”
    • You can’t duplicate sections from Password Protected Pages to Pages
    • Password Protected Pages are not added to SEO (sitemap.txt) and there are no SEO settings

    New link selector: Blog post


    You can now link to a blog post in the link selector.

    New settings for slideshows: Start randomly & Automatic.


    We implement new settings for Slideshow templates:

    • Automatic: the image will change every four seconds automatically. The timing can't be edited. The arrows are hidden. 
    • Start randomly: the slideshow starts on a random image.

    Find them under Edit images → Styles → Image Styles.

    3 new Slideshow templates


    We released 3 new slideshow cover templates.

    New Fullscreen template for text pages


    We released a new Fullscreen template for your text pages: Fullscreen 4. Find it under Manage Pages → Create New Page → Text and Contacts.

    New templates for Services and Team


    We released templates to display your services and team as lists: Grid 2, List, Columns, Half Screen.

    New Element: Add to cart button


    You can now add a button "Add to cart" to any page. This gives you an option to create a fully customized section or give your product some special attention.

    New feature: Sample sections on Gallery and Link pages


    When "Add sample sections" is toggled for Gallery and Link pages, your page will include sample sections in addition to your Gallery or Link section. Think of it as a full page template that you can edit and customize as you wish.

    Default settings updated


    • Animations: All now have fade-in by default
    • Hover-transitions: No images have transitions by default
    • Letter-spacing: Default value is decreased a little
    • Mobile menu: Font size and line height is increased by default
    • Buttons: Slightly larger
    • Sections: Have font colour if you want to change all font colours of that section

    New overlay colour for background images


    Add an overlay colour to your background images and edit its opacity to make your text stand out.

    Overly colour for background image

    New list elements


    Together with the new templates below, we have also added new list elements: Calendar list and General list. These two elements have a property called “List-type” which alters the design. 


    New templates: FAQ and Event


    We have released 6 new Event & FAQ templates. Find them under in the page categories Event and FAQ, under Manage Pages → Create New Page. These templates make it simple for you to create a FAQ page or list events on your website.

    Improved margins for templates


    All templates now have the same default margins. This means that the section page should look nicer and tighter since elements are aligned. It is also better for mobile devices as the paddings are the same and sections align better.

    Note that this does not affect existing pages/sections, it will apply to new pages or sections that you create.

    12 New cover templates


    We implement 12 new cover templates. See below.

    New design for forms


    Contact forms, Check out forms for your e-shop, Comment forms for your Blog and Client Galleries have got an updated design. No more inner shadow background and the text fields expand when in focus.

    New Animations


    • 24 new animations were added to the lists.
    • Some animations were removed. They will keep on working if you have them selected on some elements. 
    • Animations now work every time a section scrolls into view. If you scroll down to the end of the page, then scroll up again, all animations will run again.
    • New hover animations for links elements. 
    • New animations for Gallery where the images can zoom, slide or fade in from different directions. 
    • New background hover animations. It slowly zooms for about 30 seconds.

    New: Target for external links


    You can now choose a target for external link: Open in a new window or Open in the same window.

    Target for external links in Portfoliobox

    Update of the cookie message


    The cookie message on your website now lets your visitor choose which type of cookies they want to allow: Allow All, Allow Necessary or Leave Website. Read more about cookie message.

    Cookie message Portfoliobox

    Sections can be renamed 


    You can now rename sections when you reorder them. Click on Edit Section, then on Reoder section. You can now give a title to the section. This title is not visible on your live website, only in the admin panel. 

    rename sections in Portfoliobox

    New Shop features


    • The pop up "Added to cart" has been updated.
    • Categories can be sorted.
    • Fields can be hidden from the checkout under Store Settings → General. For example: "State" can be hidden if it's not relevant for your business. Note! The field Country is mandatory for the checkout so it will display even if you choose to hide it. 
    • A new checkbox "Subscribe to news" is added at checkout. It allows you to manually collect email addresses for your newsletter.
    • A message box was added at checkout. Your customers can now leave you a message at the checkout.

    Update: Shop checkout


    We have updated the checkout experience of your shop. Here is what's new: 

    • The layout of the checkout pop up has been updated.
    • Country, State and City are automatically selected based on your customer's location. 
    • The layout of the credit card payment and Paypal payment have been updated.
    • Invoice is now payment method and the invoice procedure is updated. You can add:
      • payment instructions that will be visible on the invoice
      • a due date
      • a checkout message that will be visible on screen right after the order has been completed
    • The style of the email invoice is updated. It is now sent with the shop owner's name, to avoid any confusion.
    • The invoice is available for translation from Settings → Translation.

    New: Categories for elements


    We improved the interface and sorted the elements into categories. It is now easier to find and understand the available elements. Check out the categories.

    Elements categories

    Update: Improved UI for styles


    Default Styles have been removed from Settings. It has now its own button in the main menu, at the top of the admin panel, in between Your libraries and Settings. The pop up is larger and improved.

    Default styles

    The style-editor for individual elements was also improved. Colors & Font, Size, Margins & Positions, Animations and Style in mobile, are now gathered under one single tab Styles.Edit styles on elements

    New: Mandatory fields for forms


    You can now set fields mandatory in contact forms. 

    Mandatory fields for contact form

    New link selector


    You can now link to a phone number in the link selector. 

    Link to a phone number

    New: Header 2 and Header 3 implemented


    Use headers to organise the content on your page with our 3 levels of heade: Header 1, Header 2, and Header 3. All headers elements have a respective HTML tag h1, h2 or h3 and are good for SEO. 

    New integration: Picktime and Resurva


    Picktime and Resurva are appointment booking and scheduling apps. As Calendly, you can embed your Resurva booking calendar on your site. Picktime allows you to embed the button only.

    New duplicate for product variants 


    It is now possible to duplicate the variants of a product to another product. The duplicated variants will replace the existing ones. 

    New social media icons & new integration


    New social media icon: Vimeo.

    The new Calendly integration allows you to embed your Calendly booking calendar into your online portfolio. Add Element below → Embed → Calendly.

    Unpublished pages easier to identify


    Unpublished pages are now clearly identified in the page list.

    Store updates


    You can now add sections to products. The discounts are improved for your e-shop, allowing you to create discounts like: Buy 3, pay for 2, Get $10 OFF on orders above $100, Get 20% off with a code, or Free shipping for orders above $50. 

    New Typeform integration



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