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What's new in Portfoliobox 4

New banner for domain updates


We implemented a banner in your admin panel to let you know the status of your domain name. If you submitted a domain name that you own, the link to the configuration guide will be visible until you publish your site.

New feature: Footer


You can now add a footer to your site. In web design, a footer refers to a section at the bottom of a webpage. It typically contains information that is repeated across multiple pages, such as copyright notices, contact information or navigation links. You can add a footer to your site by clicking Add a Footer at the bottom of your site.

Read more about how to add a footer.

Update: shift select images in the Image Library


You can now press the Shift key to select several images at once in your Image Library.

Update of the checkout and alerts


The checkout and other alerts are updated to look better with dark backgrounds. 

New: add section above


You can now add a section above other sections by clicking on Add New Section at the top of the section.

Add new section above another section

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