Create Exclusive Access with Password-Protected Pages on Portfoliobox


Whether you're sharing private work with clients or offering premium content to subscribers, password-protected pages provide a unique and secure method to control access. Portfoliobox offers an intuitive feature for creating these pages, ensuring your exclusive content remains confidential and accessible only to those you choose.

Password-Protected Pages

You can set a unique password for each of your pages and share it only with the audience you choose. This feature allows you to share your pages with clients via email while ensuring their privacy and exclusivity. Password-protected pages are excluded from your site's SEO settings and sitemap.txt, making them completely private and exclusive. Although these pages offer the same design flexibility as regular pages, they cannot be duplicated or used to duplicate sections to other pages.

Creating Password-Protected Pages in Portfoliobox

Setting up a password-protected page on Portfoliobox is straightforward. Follow these steps to create an exclusive space for your audience:

  1. Page Setup:
    • Navigate to the "Create" option in your Portfoliobox dashboard.
    • Select "Password-protected Pages" found under "Locked Content."
    • Enter a title for your new page. This should reflect the content or the audience it's intended for.
    • Confirm by clicking "Create Page.

  2. Adding Content:
    • Once your page is created, click "Add Section" to add your content. You can use all the template types and elements available in Portfoliobox, just like on a regular page.

Sharing the page

  1. Password setup
    • Click on Edit
    • Under Edit Locked Content, click on Your Password Protected Pages
    • Hover over the page and click on Settings
    • Under password, fill in a Password

  2. Sharing your protected page
    • Click on Edit
    • Under Edit Locked Content, click on Your Password Protected Pages
    • Hover over the page and click on Share
    • In the field Email addresses, fill in the email address of the recipient
    • Write a Message
    • Fill in the password
    • Click on Send
    • Confirm

Practical Applications for Password-Protected Pages

The versatility of password-protected pages allows for a wide range of applications tailored to different needs. For instance:

  • Photographers can create exclusive galleries for client previews, where clients can view and select their photographs privately.
  • Artists and designers might use these pages to showcase works-in-progress to clients or collaborators, ensuring feedback remains confidential.
  • Educators and content creators can offer premium content or courses accessible to subscribers or paying students.
  • Businesses can use these pages to share sensitive documents or presentations with stakeholders, providing a secure platform for internal communications.

These examples illustrate just a few ways password-protected pages can be integrated into your Portfoliobox site, enhancing the value and exclusivity of your content.

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