13 Best Apps And Softwares for Photographers


Experienced photographers or beginners could find perfect software with comfortable tools and operation capacities. The available mediums satisfy different needs and purposes you expect to receive from photo editing software.

The IT products in the photography-supportive market allow to improve photo qualities, choose desirable effects and remove slight photo defects via smartphones or laptops. Any device could quickly integrate editing software for photos, design images, and visualization pictures for architectural projects.

This article has collected the best editing photo software and apps suitable to manage manually and automatically:

  • Adobe Lightroom;
  • Skylum Luminar;
  • Adobe Photoshop;
  • VSCO;
  • Affinity Photo;
  • Pixlr E/X;
  • Corel PaintShop Pro;
  • Canva;
  • Fotor;
  • PicMonkey;
  • Snappa;
  • PortraitPro;
  • Inkscape.

The above-listed photo editing solutions could become the ultimate mediums to edit and organize your photo collections. However, the better decision is to entrust professionals with the tasks regarding web library arrangements.

Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom

The perfect solution is software available for mobile gadgets. You find plenty of photo editing apps accessible on Android, iOS, Windows, or Linux when investigating the market offers for the photography business. And as such, you should pay attention to Adobe Lightroom. Adobe Lightroom app is suitable for beginners and pros. This photography software solution is designed to improve photo qualities and implement the foreseen tasks via its interface and functions:

  • Enjoy personalized design and simplified app structure. Adobe Lightroom offers an advanced and easy-to-understand interface and menu structure. Starting photographers and photography enthusiasts would appreciate light, color, cutting, and rotations options. The app structure is well-designed and provides many features to handle single photos or client’s orders.
  • Try premade presets and pro filters. You may modify the uploaded images automatically and without specific efforts. For this purpose, Adobe Lightroom offers plenty of functions suitable for editing photos and images like removing errors, changing contrast ratios, improving color and light effects, highlighting details, and adding some elements.
  • Receive valuable commercial deals. Compared with similar commercial IT offers, this product seems a pretty expensive alternative to applying. However, Adobe creates several beneficial offers. You may order a comprehensive package including the related apps for professional photographers, architects, and designers.

Skylum Luminar

Skylum Luminar

This professional software is a multifunctional tool to edit and organize folders with images or photos for photographers and designers. Being a solid competitor to Adobe products, Skylum Luminar has many advantages:

  • suitable and intuitively understandable interface;
  • available features for automatic photo corrections;
  • a wide range of filters and effects;
  • layer-by-layer editing opportunities for the experienced users;
  • a comfortable app structure for beginners;
  • JPEG, RAW, TIFF, and other formats supported to save outputs.

However, Skylum Luminar could disappoint users’ expectations due to a low-performance loading, absent face recognition options, imperfect final results printing, and weak blurring capacities. Skylum Luminar qualifies as an expensive photo editing software according to the price range. However, the 30-day money-back guarantee ensures users the quality of the offered services, AI masking, and portrait background.

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop

The other Adobe product among the company’s developed apps for professional photographers is an excellent catch for pros to generate advertisement or promotion posters, banners, and stunning fashion portfolios. This multifunctional photo and video editor demonstrates positive reactions by the users because it has many benefits. The updated versions help to:

  • improve the quality of scanned, printed, or captured illustrations and remove all defects and accuracies;
  • create multilayer images with deep colors and complicated graphics;
  • recover old captures and retouch photos;
  • work with patterns and presets;
  • use many tools to work with text elements (character fronts, effects, and filters);
  • process 2D and 3D models and merge them with texts, images, and forms;
  • apply the available features for publication, UX/UI design, interior and photography projects;
  • share the final files through a cloud environment or present their digital copies.

The significant particularity of Adobe Photoshop among the other photo editing apps is its accessible price. This product value is entirely equal to its functions and performance capacities.



The best photo editing software for iOS-supported gadgets is VSCO. This app demonstrates that genius software results from sophisticated HTML structure and improved functions. 
This camera-explored app arranges many settings to make your iPhone a professional capturing device and create excellent images of landscapes and portraits. So, you may review the following features like:

  • outlook and horizon parameters adjusted via visualization spectrums. Therefore, the photo editing process could start at the moment of capturing;
  • automatic saving capacities and complete synchronization with cloud environments to reproduce illustrations in the related gadgets;
  • registration option to join the particular community and share your favorite photos or download the other profiles’ captures via the Explore function.

This photo editing solution refers to the semi-free apps for photographers because the essential functions and collections do not require any payment. Only additional filters and effects need to be paid for.

Affinity Photo

Affinity Photo

The advanced and creative photo editing software supports Mac, iPad, and Windows. This qualitative competitor of Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop has many technological benefits to simplifying photography-associated activities:

  • Empowered to perform a considerable amount of work. The tailored toolsets are capable of editing massive files and correcting UI layouts. The super-smooth pan and zoom qualities allow you to notice tiny details resembling neurosurgery manipulations.
  • Incredible retouching results without defects. Any user can receive edited images without shadows, blurring, adverse objects and color inaccuracies. Also, Affinity Photo specializes in layer-by-layer editing effects, masking defects, and highlighting separate areas. The available options and filters create artistic masterpieces.
  • Comprehensive RAW development kit. Affinity Photo provides unique opportunities to correct shoots via RAW lens and play with shadows, angles, and tones. The integrated approach can edit pixels and large-in-size files, import metadata, and agree on copyrights.
  • Multiple operations with text graphics. You may explore different textual varieties merged with stunning editing options to receive perfect posters or banners.

Pixlr E/X

Pixlr EX

Photo artists inspired by Pixlr can create vivid and versatile collages or animations to diversify social media stories, demonstrate visualized presentations, and promote commercial products. This photo editing solution offers two flexible apps - an X version for beginners and UX enthusiasts as well as an advanced E product for pros and experienced designers. The updated solutions provide:

  • ready-made layouts and graphic content patterns;
  • animated design alternatives to grab the target audience’s attention;
  • modifications of the backgrounds via AI tools;
  • merged collages to edit creative layouts;
  • effects and filters to add the proper moods for your photos and working projects.

PaintShop Pro

Corel PaintShop Pro

This photography business facilitator assists you in removing unwanted defects and adding cute elements through digital toolsets. PaintShop Pro has several products for primary and ultimate photo editing activities. Its apps are highly demanded to make design and photo correction actions sophisticated and automatic for photographers and specialists. During the 30-day money-back guarantee period, the PaintShop Pro products may introduce their potential users with:

  • animation options to add motion effects for your images;
  • graphic design features without specific knowledge or complicated algorithms;
  • innovative solutions to manage RAW development functions.



Canva represents the umbrella software for photographers, designers, bloggers, vloggers, and architects. This multifunctional digital graphic solution benefits clients with a free version, including many useful functions to edit photos and share the received works in a large community.

The advanced products allow the multiplication of this software among individual specialists and company teams. The advanced toolsets create brands, logos and optimize advertising campaign deliverables.
According to performance opportunities, Canva products are full of positive features:

  • offers vivid layouts, premium photos, and tons of free or paid color, light, background, and graphic patterns;
  • optimizes dimensions and visualization effects;
  • handles post-editing activities like saving, public sharing, and post scheduling.



Productive online photo editors, design creators, and collage makers are all about Fotor editor. The free trial version opens a comprehensive range of design opportunities you may utilize in your hobby or professional activities. Using the Fotor photo editing software, you may ensure the available functions help:

  • crop and resize images and shoots;
  • remove backgrounds and replace them with vivid graphic elements;
  • beautify the captured objects or portraits, making them artistic masterpieces;
  • remove blemishes and wrinkles in detail to perfect facial photos;
  • modify modern illustrations into classic retro or vintage designed pictures.

All possible corrections are performed in a few steps - uploading an image, applying the required adjustments, downloading outputs, and sharing with friends, clients, or colleagues.



The narrow specialization in photography design for digital commercial advertising purposes is the PicMonkey operational goal. This photo editing software sets three main tasks:

  • create exciting Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and other social media graphic ads and posts;
  • power your brand to optimize visibility effects through omnichannel options;
  • accompany your business presentations and promotion campaigns with creative layouts for the handout materials.

A similar range of functions does not hide the unique features of PicMonkey among its counterparts. You will find customizable vector design, many font vibes, gorgeous templates, and high-quality stock images. In addition, PicMonkey is a photo editing choice made by many worldwide brands, which proves its incredible capacities.



Snappa is a perfect choice if you wish to work with apps meeting your professional demands and expectations. Snappa, as an easy-to-leverage tool, manages and counts your shooting works to optimize online content posting activities for unprofessional UX designers.
The approved digital photo editing software related to different platforms is worth being named the best app if you are looking for:

  • individual designs with clickable presets to offer graphical blogs, photos, images, blogs, and emails;
  • ready-made templates with effective color and dimension solutions;
  • free access to multiple libraries with the best background images;
  • quick operations with text, graphic, and animation elements;
  • the photo editing organizer to schedule and share final results.



The eye-catching effects demonstrated by the updated PortraitPro editor could be nominated as the cutting-edge tool to paint digital portraits equal to the pictures painted by the artist’s brushes.

You may focus on microscopic elements. Light, colors, shapes, and dimensions are easily adjusted by available toolsets and new features like chin slimming and shadows, body lighting controls, hairline corrections, and other outstanding characteristics.
In addition, PortraitPro has client-centric subtypes, including Max and Studio versions.



Inkscape contributes to a photo management software for photographers and designers. Editing functions include:

  • flexible drawing tools;
  • wide file format compatibility;
  • powerful text tool;
  • bezier and spiro curves.

The thriving community allows users to download and share excellently edited images in order to explore the available gallery samples. Also, Inkscape encourages random and permanent clients with manuals, guidelines, and tutorials to clarify performance tricks and instruct enthusiasts.

Find more photo editing samples with Portfoliobox

You may find many photo editors which satisfy your requirements regarding operational mediums, organizer and storage capacities, and preferable price scales. Portfoliobox is your best choice to create productive web portfolios and organize the photo library if you wish to impress your potential clients or employers.


Why should you edit your photos?

Photography business or enthusiastic actions consider the editing step essential if you want to create professional masterpieces. The retouching and correction activities remove all defects and add slight improvements through available filters, effects, and graphic tools.

What is Adobe Lightroom vs Photoshop?

Both products offered by Adobe have their particular specifications. The background mediums are similar to Windows and Androids. However, Photoshop is more pro version because its various tools and functions generate stunning promotion and advertising metrics.

Do photographers edit every photo?

In practice, every well-captured illustration requires slight correction and perfection. Adjustments of color, light angles, or blurring areas are typical tasks every photographer should perform. Appropriate apps allow for automatic photo improvements and simplify photographers' efforts.

Is Adobe Lightroom free?

Adobe Lightroom is not free. Due to its helpful tools and functions, Adobe Lightroom offers a preferable deal to receive the best photo editing software. To assess the capacities and performance results, you may install a free trial version.

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