Ruth Chapa - Conceptual Artist


Ruth Chapa Conceptual Artist

Tell us a bit about yourself

I'm a conceptual artist working with elevating other artist by using photography and film.

Tell us about one of your favourite projects and what inspired you to do it

I enjoyed working on the only 3 music videos I’ve ever done. I learned a lot of hope to do more of it. It in inspired me by showing me what my work could be. Not just surface and pretty, but a lot more vulnerable and realistic.

What are you working on at the moment?

On myself. I've realized that I am the biggest project. and while I'm more than happy to work on music videos with friends, I really just love walking and writing in the mornings.

Who are your biggest influencers in the industry?

Photographers like Arnold Daniel, Miranda Barnes, Rhaim Fortune.

What equipment do you use?

Photo: Canon 5D Markiii
Video: iPhone 12

What was the last thing that inspired you?

This morning on my walk, the hair was fuzzy because of the fog, the sun was very muted but bright orange, the deer in the park were gathered in the open field. I hope to achieve and capture that level of unconscious beauty.

Tell us why it's important for you to have a Conceptual Artist portfolio website

It is good to capture fleeting moments on Instagram, but the website can show you my best work without you, the client, having to filter through those moments.

As a professional artist what are your tips in building an artist portfolio website?

Try to keep it as simple as possible. I have not fully succeeded but I tried.

How do you market yourself?

Instagram mostly

Tell us about one epic success?

Shooting an intro to an album release, with a very vague and fuzzy idea of what we wanted, and it all came together wonderfully like puzzle of faith. I love the magic of working with like-minded people, just hanging out for a day and having fun.

Why do you use Portfoliobox?

It's easy to use, they work with you as if you were part of the team, all of us growing together to be better artist.

Visit Ruth's website for more inspiration and don't forget to follow her on Instagram.

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