What is an Online Portfolio


 Its other meaning refers to a concretized CV because both reflect your personal and job progress outcomes. However, the first point does show the evidence of your hard skills more widely. 


As you might guess, the online portfolio is a presentation of your skills and work results hosted on your personal website. Such a form of self-presentation is a clever method to brand yourself and promote your abilities and the successful milestones accomplished.

You may actively propel your web-portfolio and share the respective link to the various stakeholders such as future employers, clients, seniors, etc., instead of sending emails with largely-sized docs or files attached.


The web-portfolio value is much more comprehensive than you think. This useful solution helps you to demonstrate your benefits and strengths if you have adhered to these three points toward the successful self-presentation tool:

  • elaborated design drawing the attention of the target audience and helping the users to understand your ideas and experience achievements easily;
  • up-to-day techniques applied which highlight strengths of your own inputs;
  • remarkable content that is simultaneously simple and unique.

Do you need the online portfolio?

Even a broadened CV, PowerPoint presentation, or face-to-face interview could not become the key comparative advantage that helps an employer to understand that the specialist to be looked for is sitting opposite. 


The highest supply on the well-designed presentation of one’s works and accomplishments could be observed among the representatives of the creative industries, including designers, performers, musicians, journalists, fashion models, etc. The examples of their professional activities are more frequently provided by HR experts, project managers, educators, developers, architects, candy-makers, etc. All specialists are obliged to demonstrate tangible or semi-tangible results and prove their hard skills. In addition, such a form of self-presentation would be relevant if you have become an innovator and created something unknown before. For instance, you might be a lecturer or a scientist who has developed your own educational technology or methodology that simplifies tutorial processes or helps students learn the materials quicker and more fruitfully. Otherwise, your occupation could be connected with the project activities focused on different economic spheres.


If you are an accountant, state servant, official, military or security officer, pharmacist, and so on, you are hardly required to compile your own portfolio demonstrating your achievements. However, the world labor market is dramatically changing day after day. So everyone should get acquainted with something new to offer one’s competitive advantage and improve the related competence beyond the other ones.


As a rule, the employer informs the potential candidates what kind of works, projects, or drafts they would like to observe. To this end, you may notice a distinct statement like “Please attach your portfolio-related link to your email”.

Veni, vidi, vici, or how to make your portfolio recognizable?

Veni, vidi, vici, or how to make your portfolio recognizable

The lack of full-stack development skills or the frontend basic knowledge does not restrict your efforts to compile your own unique online portfolio with engaging content.


  1. Demonstrate the individual brand. All respectable corporations and companies have their own marketing tools such as brand, label, motto, etc., differentiating them and making them more recognizable. In the same way, each individual should demonstrate one’s identifying talents or outputs, which could increase one’s value over the counterparts. Following the marketing principles, the online portfolio should be based on your own strategy and particular objectives. So, you must have a reason as to why you have decided to present the concrete works. In addition, the vision of the final result has to be clearly tailored, addressing the ways for its promotion.
  2. As mentioned above, the subsequent point is to identify the goal of answering the questions on the portfolio-utilization directions. They could refer to employment, education, or business purposes. The relevant responses should discover the information about each project demonstrated, each content fragment, and the web design in general. The portfolio-selected strategy allows you to develop the design features already included in the goal and its subsequence. Everyone who looks at that recognizes your activities and the previous differences which prevail your outputs above the other candidates.
  3. Find your target audience. Bear in mind what type of stakeholder your online portfolio is oriented or distributed and that it meets with your job directions and services. Probably, you are a designer who is interested in technological solutions and had the good fortune of working on several engineering projects. However, you are looking for opportunities to reach new goals. In this case, your online portfolio should be aimed at such clients.
  4. Focus on specific skills. All your skills could be divided into hard and soft ones. For the majority of the labor supplies, the hard skills prevail. Maybe, you create cursive letters similar to early manuscripts, or your talents help with the development of complicated web-designs. You might also be an artist in words who can improvise funny and dialogue UX mottos. So, forget your university-degree specialization and focus on your strengthened skills demonstrated in your web-portfolio.
  5. Provide exact clarifications regarding the things important for you. However, keep in mind that long and inflated speeches make the readers boring and lessen the curiosity of your online portfolio.
  6. Tell your success story, emphasizing your personality. Sincere and truthful story-telling could establish some links with your potential target groups or stakeholders. It could also help to discover you as a comprehensively developed person.
  7. Apply extraordinary design solutions. The bold choice of the design brings you an experience output collection dissimilar to the other ones. Furthermore, you may follow the rule that a creative approach could sacrifice suitable usability while talking about web-design solutions.


To be appointed to a successful position in an international company or run your own small business, you need to promote it by self-presentation tools. However, do not refuse your dreams or ambitions. If you have some problems with that, please contact us, and we help you create a portfolio that you deserve.

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