Artist Grants & Opportunities


But times are changing, the opportunity to find Funding for the Arts with them. If not for funding, the world would not have seen so many amazing artists' works. Many of the greatest artists were not known during their lifetime. So they painted thanks to people who bought them paints and canvases and believed in their work.

The world would not have seen the paintings of the great Van Gogh if his brother had not believed in him, and after his death, his brother's wife would not have organized exhibitions of paintings. Thanks to her faith and perseverance, Van Gogh's paintings are now known worldwide.

Another example is when a French artist named Monet was selflessly engaged in creativity. But according to the estimates of the Academy, the most authoritative jury of that time, he did it frankly mediocre. The artist complained about the world's injustice to his friends Pissarro, Renoir, Degas, Sisley in the evenings. Those actively assented. Among them was a man whose name we hardly met as often as Durand-Ruel, a gallery owner and art dealer. Despite the attacks from the great critics of art, Durand-Ruel appreciated the market and the emerging need for new art. I gave Monet funding sources to think less about getting food. After that, the gallery owner exhibited talentless artists in his gallery and went into the painting business these days. Largely thanks to Durand-Ruel, we know who Monet and his friends are millions of dollars paid for their work, and connoisseurs are ready to go to the other end of the world and stand in a long line to admire the wide strokes and bright colors of the Impressionists.

Programs, free training and exhibitions for artists in 2022

You can take part in the folloing programs:

  • LGBT Association for Solidarity and Cultural Research Kaos GL (Ankara, Turkey). Kaos GL announces an open call to stay at the first art residence of the Ankara Queer Art Program. 
  • Turkish and foreign artists are invited to open up in queer art. The duration of the residence is two months. Most of the participants will visit art institutions and meet with artists, activists, scientists, and curators. 
  • The stay program includes accommodation, travel and job creation costs if necessary, and daily subsistence allowance. The residence began its work in 2021.

Details and applications



April 1, 2022

  • Winzavod Foundation for the Support of Contemporary Art (Moscow, Russia). Winery announces an open call for those wishing to undergo free training and find funding sources in the Journalism Laboratory created by it. 

Winzavod Foundation for the Support of Contemporary Art

  • Young authors are invited to participate in the competitive selection, who are keen on current media formats, interested in contemporary art, and actively active actions in the cultural space. 
  • The training is designed for remote work with experts. Materials approved for publication will be posted on the project website and will form a portfolio of participants. Upon completion of the training, graduates will be able to maintain contacts with experts, take part in the activities of the Winery, regularly receive information about external projects, vacancies, and grants.



Submission of applications



April 2, 2022

  • Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) and Norman Foster Foundation (London, UK)

Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) and Norman Foster Foundation

  • This academy announced the start of accepting applications for the 2022 Norman Foster Traveling Scholarship from architects, scientists, or students who have completed at least a year at an invited university. The winner, selected by a jury led by Lord Foster himself and RIBA President Alan Jones, will receive a £ 7,000 grant to travel anywhere in the world to explore the survival prospects of cities or communities. 
  • Among the proposed research areas are the future of society, population density, resource use, quality of urban life, transport, and others.

The organizers warn that the travel dates of the winner may be changed due to the coronavirus epidemic; however, the acceptance of applications does not stop, and the deadlines remain the same.




April 24, 2022

    • Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair ART021 (Shanghai, China)

Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair ART021

  • ART021 announces the call for participation in two main sections Main Galleries for well-known galleries and Approach for new galleries who are invited to submit presentation projects
  • The fair is scheduled for November 12-15, 2020, and will be held at the Shanghai Exhibition Center. Many artists will gather here, and you can find funding sources.

Details and applications



April 30, 2022

  • Korea Arts Management Service (Seoul, South Korea)

Korea Arts Management Service

  • Korea Arts Management Service is announcing a call for applications for the Korean Visual Arts Overseas Publications Program for Overseas Readers. Here you can find funding for artists while gaining experience and knowledge in the field of Korean art. 
  • Writers, organizations, and publishers who will write or publish a book about Korean visual art in History, Trends, Criticism and Theory, Introduction to Korean Contemporary Art are invited to participate. 
  • Only applications that have an agreement on further publication are accepted for consideration. The grant-supported book must be completed within two years. The term for organizing a publication is not more than three years. 
  • The grant amount for writing a book in a foreign language other than Korean or publishing a book is up to KRW 50 million or $ 42,000. The grant is issued as an advance payment. In case of non-publication of the book, 80% of the provided grant is returned.



Submission of applications



May 7, 2022

Funding sources for artists

In addition to exhibitions and programs for artists, you can find funding for the Arts elsewhere. Here are some of them:

  • Grantraising. This is an opportunity to receive funding for artists without the need to repay the debt. Many sponsors are looking for decent cultural projects. Each fund has its programmatic focus and target audience. Therefore, copying the same project to every fund is a bad idea.

The program of each donor should be carefully studied and adapted to the individual requirements of your project. Typically, an application goes through three stages.

  • When the project is checked for compliance with the basic requirements and for the absence of filling errors, the first technical one. At this stage, the lion's share of applicants traditionally falls.
  • The second assessment of the content is how the project meets the program's objectives, whether the timeline, budget are realistic, and whether the results of the project are adequate. That is, if you plan to hold a pottery festival, budgeting 5 MacBooks, six printerst, and $ 1000 for advertising, then it looks strange.
  • The last stage is an interview, where the team of the applicant and the foundation team get to know each other and discuss the final details of the project to make.
  • Crowdfunding. Gather an online crowd of enthusiastic viewers around your project, motivating them to allocate their hard-earned funds for support, a whole art. To find funding sources here, you need to study the market, research the tastes and preferences of the crowd, start talking about your project at least a year before the release and invest at least a third of the budget in advertising. Such timing and advertising budgets are especially relevant when raising money on international platforms like Kickstarter or Indiegogo.

In addition to the well-known world platforms for raising money for everything, popular support for cultural and educational projects is present in many countries.

  • In France, this is the Ulule platform;
  • in Spain Goteo;
  • in Sweden Crowdculture;
  • in Italy Derev.

The choice of a platform for funding for artists primarily depends on the project's target market, the place of its implementation, and the availability of a foreign partner. It is quite possible to try your luck on the Italian Derev platform, having an Italian partner as the co-organizers of the project and understanding the real contribution that the project can bring to the Italian audience.

Suppose the project involves an exclusively national or regional context, then with the presence of social capital, correct communication of the project and advertising. In that case, you can enlist the support of the local community.

  • Bootstrapping
  • Many entrepreneurs start their journey but do not know what all this torment is called. Bootstrapping is the development of a project without attracting external resources and financing it from what is. 
  • Partly from the personal funds of the team, but ideally through ongoing sales and new customer acquisition. In addition to the actual product and understanding of the market, speed is the main success factor for such financing. 
  • Quick launch of a product to the market for sale, quick product upgrade if necessary. It is difficult to live long on bootstrapping, ideally six months, which will show that the project either has not reached the audience or is successful and has the potential for development, which means that you can go to fundraising.

Grants for artists

Applying for grants is one of the ways for funding for artists to work freely on projects without having to worry about day-to-day expenses and bills, at least for a while. The organizations listed below provide scholarships that help pay for materials, studio rent, and even housing.

  • Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant. The Jackson Pollock and Lee Krasner Foundation Grant were created to support and enhance the creative lives of artists. The scholarship is for professionals with an extensive list of exhibitions. Since its founding in 1985, the foundation has given more than $65 million in prize money to artists in over 77 countries, and the list of winners is impressive.
  1. This funding for artists is intended for middle-aged professional artists with clear financial needs. They should actively exhibit their work in professional art venues such as galleries and museum spaces. This applies to painters, sculptors, and artists working on a paper (including printmaking).
  2. Rewards vary from $5,000 to $30,000, depending on needs and circumstances.
  3. Applications from commercial artists, video artists, performers, filmmakers, artisans, and computer artists, as well as students are not considered.
  • Grant from The Awesome Foundation. The Awesome Foundation is a micro-grant organization. These funding sources invest in amazing ideas and have established local chapters around the world to provide $1,000 scholarships for fantastic projects. Each branch determines what is good for the local community, but also includes an artistic initiative and a public or socially significant art project.
  1. Individuals, as well as groups or organizations, are eligible to receive a grant. Each department has its requirements, most consider art projects.
  2. The amount of financing is 1000 dollars.
  3. Grants are not available to rent studio space, pay salaries, or purchase supplies.  We need to think about social benefits, about working in public places, and how to make the community cooler.
  • Artist Grant. This is a relatively new initiative founded in 2017 to support and fund artists. To that end, the charity gives out a modest $500 stipend quarterly to artists who make important contributions to society.
  1. These funding sources are suitable for visual artists over 18 living anywhere in the world.
  2. The scope of funding is painting, graphics, printmaking, photography, video, sculpture in any material, ceramics, mixed media, installation, as well as other new or alternative media.
  3. The investment amount is 500 US dollars for each grant cycle.
  4. The application fee is $25 and this money is used to cover the cost of administering the grant.
  • Gottlieb Foundation Individual Scholarship. Adolf Gottlieb, one of the founding fathers of abstract expressionism, achieved artistic and financial success that exceeded his expectations. However, some of his colleagues, despite their artistic achievements, we're unable to support themselves financially. The Gottlieb Foundation aims to reward artists who have dedicated their lives to the advancement of art, regardless of their level of commercial success.
  1. Funding for artists is suitable for artists in a mature career spanning at least 20 years who can demonstrate the need for financial assistance.
  2. The sphere of financing is painting, printmaking, sculpture.
  3. The investment amount is 25,000 US dollars.
  4. Maturity refers to a highly intellectual, technical, and creative skill that develops over a long period. The reason is not so much the age of the applicant, but his passion for the work of the artist, which progresses over time.

Using this method, funding the Arts is rather difficult, which, as a rule, takes time to build up. But a classic start-up often follows this path with the idea of ​​its innovative and creative directions. So, for example, the largest web service Github grew up on bootstrapping, like many other online projects.



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