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Add scheduling service to your site

After creating a Scheduling service in your Library, the next step is to make it easy for your customers to book an appointment. To achieve this, you need to create a Booking Page allowing your customers to schedule an appointment with ease. Below are some examples to help you set up your Booking Page and Booking Button.

Create a dedicated page

You can add your scheduling as a text Link or a Button to any page. Start by creating a dedicated page where customers can view the service details and complete the booking process. You can customise this page with service-specific information, images, and descriptions.

  1. Create a page; a text template with an image can work well.
  2. Add a header and a description
  3. Use the function Add Element Below to structure the page with subheaders or horizontal lines.

Link to your booking

1. Add a link or a button

  1. Use the function Add Element Below and select Links
  2. Choose a Link or a Button.
  3. Right-click on the element and choose Change Content.
  4. Under Link to, select the link type One of your Scheduling Services.
  5. Select a service already created. If you have many, you can use the search bar.
  6. Decide whether you want to Open the checkout directly and if you want to select a specific service and/or personnel.
    • Open the checkout directlyWhen clicking on the scheduling link, the service will be added to the card, and your customer will be redirected to a checkout page to proceed with payment. 
    • Select a specific service and/or personnel: If you select a service and/or a person, your customer will book that specific service with that specific person. if you don't select a service or person, your customers can choose which service to book and with whom. 

2. Add a Store Button

You can also add a link to your bookings by adding a Store Button. 

  1. Use the function Add Element Below and select Store.
  2. Choose a Scheduling Add to cart.
  3. Right-click on the element and choose Change Content.


Dedicated page to a single service

Below is an example of a dedicated page with the service details, price, time, and a button to book an appointment.


View a demo page 

Dedicated page to several services

Below is an example of a page displaying several services. 


View a demo site

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