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Choose the right plan

You can choose to between three plans: LightPro and Pro+. This table will help you choose the right plan. 

50 images 500 images 1000 images
10 pages 50 pages 1000 pages
1 password-protected page 2 password-protected page 1000 password-protected page
5 products 10 products 1000 products
100 blog posts 500 blog posts 5000 blog post
All templates All templates All templates
Upload files Upload files Upload files
CSS customization CSS customization CSS customization
Google Analytics integration Google Analytics integration Google Analytics integration
Portfoliobox domain Domain name (yourname.com) Domain name (yourname.com)
“Powered By Portfoliobox” link “Powered By Portfoliobox” link No “Powered By Portfoliobox” link
Embed widgets Embed widgets
  Add elements Add elements
  Lightroom integration

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An online portfolio made for Creatives

With all the tools a professional needs

  • Dynamic Grid
  • Even Rows
  • Golden Ratio
  • Square Ratio
  • Align Center
  • Puzzle
  • Random
  • Horizontal
  • Horizontal 2
  • Horizontal 3
  • Vertical
  • Two-One
  • Three-One