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Ready-made styles

You can use ready-made color and font combinations. A ready-made combination will reset all Global colors and fonts of the site. 

Colors combinations

When choosing a colour combination, you will reset the color of all text, the color of the background and the color of links.

  • color of the text (paragraph, header, titles, etc.): white or black
  • color of the background: white or black
  • color of the link: colorful accent


  • White background
  • Black text 
  • Blue link
  • Black background
  • White text
  • Turquoise link

Font combinations

The font combination will set the chosen font to Headers, Text, Menu, Titles and Subtitles. There are 10 font combinations to choose from.

Choose a ready-made combination

  1. Click on Styles
  2. Under Pre-made Combinations, choose Color combinations or Font combinations
  3. Choose the combination you like

NB! Choosing a ready-made combination will reset all Global Colors and fonts of the site. 

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