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Understand menu and navigation

What is a menu?

Your menu helps your visitors to easily navigate your website. Adding links to your menus will give them direct access to your content. The menu contains by default your logo and links to your pages. You are free to add other elements to it, like social media icons, a border or an image.

The position of the menu

By default, your website has a menu displayed at the top of your site. There are three types of menu positions and each type contains several templates.

  • Top: menu displays at the top of your site.
  • Left: menu displays on the left side of your site.
  • Hidden: menu displays after clicking the menu icon.

Learn how to change the position of your menu

Links in your menu

Add links

When a page is created, it is by default added to the menu. You can add other links to your menu: external links, link to an email address, link to a pdf, one of your products, etc.

Learn how to add links to your menu.

Edit links

What displays in the menu is the page title, i.e. the title you gave your page when you created it. You can easily edit what is displayed in the menu by clicking on Edit in the top-left corner and selecting the option Edit Menu Links.
Note that changing the title in the menu will not change the title fo your page.  

Delete links

You can delete a link by clicking on Edit in the top-left corner and selecting the option Edit Menu Links. Note that deleting a page link from the menu will not delete the page; it will only delete the link from the navigation. Learn how to delete a link from your menu.

A page that is published but that doesn't display in your menu can still be indexed by search engines and can be viewed by visitors if they have the link. If you don't want a page to be indexed by search engines or seen by visitors, you need to unpublish it.

Hide your menu on certain pages

It can be useful to hide your main navigation on certain pages. For example, if you want to create a multilingual website. You can do this from the menu or the page settings. 

Learn how to hide your menu.

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