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Bookings vs. Scheduling

Booking and scheduling are related concepts, but they have distinct differences in their meaning and usage:


Booking involves reserving a fixed event, such as a concert, an exhibition, or a class, where the date and time are predetermined. It's a reservation for a specific, unchangeable activity or occurrence.

Adding bookings is done in two steps. First, create the booking event in your Bookings Library. Then add a link to that booking on your website. You can create a specific page/section or add a button below another element on your site.


Scheduling refers to the process of booking an appointment, where the person making the reservation can select a suitable time within a range of options for a personalised appointment.

Scheduling is done in three steps. First, you'll create a scheduling service in your Scheduling Library. Then, you will add personnel to the service (information, schedule, photo, etc.). Finally, you will add links to the scheduling service on your website. There are several ways to add scheduling links to your website.

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