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Email Subscription Form

Collect email addresses with an Email Subscription Form and export the email addresses list to a CSV file. 

Add an email subscription form

Create a page or a section where you want to collect email addresses. 

  1. Right-click on an element.
  2. Choose Add Element Below
  3. Go to Form.
  4. Hover over Email Subscription and click Add.

A signup button is now added to your content.

Edit the button

  1. Right-click the button.
  2. Click on Change Content.
  3. You can now edit the displaying on the button and the description. 

Collect email addresses

  • When your visitor clicks the signup button, a popup will show.
  • When the visitor submits the form, a confirmation email will be emailed to the email address.
  • The visitor must click the confirmation email within 12 hours to be added to your mailing list.

To export the email addresses to a CSV file: 

  1. Click on Libraries & Tools
  2. Click on Email Subscribers under Archives.
  3. Click on Export to CSV. A CSV file will be downloaded to your computer.

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