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Embed a Google Calendar

1. Get the Calendar ID from Google Calendar

  1. Login to your Google Calendar.
  2. Choose the Calendar you want to embed.
  3. Click on ⋮ and click Settings and Sharing.
  4. A new page will open. Look for the Calendar ID at the bottom under the Integrate Calendar section.
  5. Copy the Calendar ID.

Google Calendar

Integrate calendar 

2. Add the Google Calendar element to your Portfoliobox site

  1. Right-click on an element.
  2. In the Context menu, click Add Element Below.
  3. Go down to Embed.
  4. Choose Google Calendar.

The element is added but is empty. You now need to paste the Calendar ID.

3. Paste the Calendar ID

  1. Click the pen icon next to your calendar.
  2. Choose Change content.
  3. Paste the Calendar ID. 
  4. Click Save.

Edit calendar Google calendar Id

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