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Set up an alias

Email aliases are a powerful feature for professionals looking to manage their email communications more efficiently. With Portfoliobox, setting up an alias is straightforward, allowing you to send and receive emails under different names while keeping your primary email address private. 

Set up an email alias

  1. Go to your Portfoliobox Dashboard.
  2. Click the Ellipsis Icon (three dots) icon associated with that website.
  3. Select Email Settings.
  4. Navigate to the alias section and click Add alias.
  5. Enter a new alias address and click Add to save. 


  • Privacy: Keep your primary email address hidden for specific communications.
  • Organization: Use different aliases for various roles or projects to organise your inbox.
    For example, orders@example.com and returns@example.com if you have an online shop. 
  • Professionalism: Create aliases that reflect your professional titles or specific job functions, such as marketing@example.com and sales@example.com.

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