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Set up autoresponder

Setting up an autoresponder in your Portfoliobox email account lets you automatically reply to emails, informing senders of your unavailability and when they can expect a response. Here's how to set up an autoresponder to keep your communication professional.

Set up an autoresponder

  1. Go to your Portfoliobox Dashboard.
  2. Click the Ellipsis Icon (three dots) icon associated with that website.
  3. Select Email Settings.
  4. Navigate to the Autoresponder section.
  5. Configure your autoresponder:
    • Choose the end date: This ensures that the auto-reply is active only during your specified unavailability period.
    • Set your message: Write a clear and concise message that will be automatically sent in response to incoming emails. Include relevant information, such as your return date or alternative contact details.
    • Enable the autoresponder: Toggle the option to activate the autoresponder feature.

Important considerations

  • The autoresponder feature cannot be enabled if the message is empty or the date has already passed. Please edit the date and add a message before enabling the feature.
  • The autoresponder will automatically respond to your incoming emails until 23:59:59 on the selected end date.
  • The autoresponder will automatically be disabled the day after the selected end date.

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