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What's new in Portfoliobox 4

Product News 

Product News are now available on our blog.

New: Facebook/Meta Pixel


You can now link Facebook/Meta Pixel event manager to your site by pasting your "Pixel ID" in your Portfoliobox website. 

Read more about how to set up Facebook Pixel.

New: use the Escape and Enter keys on your keyboard


You can now press the Enter and Escape keys on the keyboard to confirm and exit popup windows and confirmation messages. 

New template for Cover and Text pages


We released a new template for Cover and Text pages: Image & Columns.

New template for Cover and Text pages

New hover effect for galleries


New hover effect available for thumbnails: colour-in. Thumbnails start as black and white but restore their colours when hovered on.

Hover effect for galleries

New option for Two-One template


Two-One template now has the option to reverse image order from 2-1-2-1-2 into 1-2-1-2-1. Same for the Three-One template.

gallery template options

New hover effect for your menu Style


This feature allows adding an animated hover effect to the link. There are 10 effects to pick from. Make sure to disable basic Text Decoration for it to look good. Available on: main menu links, links element and link element.

New template: Testimonials Carousel


Discover the new testimonial template: Carousel, where one testimonial is displayed at a time.

Testimonial page template at Portfoliobox

New templates for Action sections


We implemented a new template for Action sections: Button 2. This template includes rounded corners and some padding on the background image by default.

New Action Template for your Portfoliobox site

Update for Cover templates: Round corner & Padding


Round corners

You can customise the appearance of background images in cover templates. By accessing the "Edit image" option and navigating to the "Image styles" section, toggle the "Rounded corners" option to make the corners of the background image rounded.


Additionally, under the "Size" styles tab, you can apply paddings directly to the background image. This gives you greater flexibility in enhancing the visual presentation of your cover templates.

Shop update: Store pick up


You can enable Store Pickup for your shop. If enabled, your client can choose the pickup option at checkout.

To enable the option:

  • Click Store settings
  • Choose Shipping
  • Toggle the switch "Manual pickup"

Shop update: variation position 


The shop settings now include an option to choose how variants will display on your products.

  • Click Store settings
  • Choose General settings
  • Under "Display variants in one line", choose the position.

Variant position for your eshop- Portfoliobox

New title position: Bottom 3


This new position displays the subtitle at the top and the title at the bottom. 

  1. Click Edit Image.
  2. Click Styles.
  3. Select Titles.
  4. Choose Bottom 3 under Titles Placement.

Basic styling looks like this:
Image title Bottom 3 - Portfoliobox

New: Icons in the menu


It's now possible to add icons to the site's menu. You can even remove the text and leave the icon only. Icons are always displayed on the left side. The font size controls the icon size. The colour is the font colour.

To add an icon:

  • Right-click your menu
  • Choose Change Content
  • Click the menu link you want to edit
  • Click Add Icon, and search for an icon. Click "Available Icons" to see all the icons available.

Add icons to your menu - Portfoliobox

Update: Left menu with hidden submenu links


  • Choose a left menu template.
  • Right-click the menu
  • Select Styles
  • Click Size
  • Choose Left Menu Style: Hidden.

Hidden submenu links for left menu in your Portfoliobox template

New templates for Cover and Services


We released 3 new templates.

  • Cover: Cover Award Links
  • Services: Icon Links
  • Services: Icon Links 2

New templates for your Portfoliobox site

New element: Icon links


You can now add a new element to your pages: Icon Links.

  1. Add new element below
  2. Choose Links
  3. Select Icon Links
  4. Edit the sample Icon Links added.

The Element also has a description field that will display below the main Icon Link.

View the selection of icons available.

New element: Icon link for your Portfoliobox site

New element: Icon link for your Portfoliobox site

New: Assign image to variant in your e-shop


You can now assign images to variants in your e-shop.

New Templates for Text & Action


We implemented 3 new templates:

  1. Text: Text Cover Right
  2. Action: Action Right
  3. Action: Half Screen

new templates Portfoliobox

New banner for domain updates


We implemented a banner in your admin panel to let you know the status of your domain name. If you submitted a domain name that you own, the link to the configuration guide will be visible until you publish your site.

New feature: Footer


You can now add a footer to your site. In web design, a footer refers to a section at the bottom of a webpage. It typically contains information that is repeated across multiple pages, such as copyright notices, contact information or navigation links. You can add a footer to your site by clicking Add a Footer at the bottom of your site.

Read more about how to add a footer.

Update: shift select images in the Image Library


You can now press the Shift key to select several images at once in your Image Library.

Update of the checkout and alerts


The checkout and other alerts are updated to look better with dark backgrounds. 

New: add section above


You can now add a section above other sections by clicking on Add New Section at the top of the section.

Add new section above another section

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