Best productivity apps in 2021


The best productivity apps:

  • Microsoft office;
  • Asana;
  • Bitrix24;
  • TeamViewer;
  • Trello;
  • Pocket;
  • LastPass;
  • Buffer;
  • Join.me;
  • MetaCtrl Sync.

Lately, it has become increasingly difficult to maintain concentration without distraction, and we have to resort to using tools to increase both personal and professional productivity. There are so many applications today that address this very issue that choosing the best options is very challenging.

Good productivity programs do their job well, no matter where you work. The main functions of productivity tools are to emphasize full-fledged work and project management in such a way that regardless of the location of their employees, someone can be in touch with their team and automatically send and update the information that is required.

Also, with the help of such programs, good control over employees is carried out. Also, these management tools are useful in order to correctly prioritize team work schedules, deadlines and similar important tasks. The interface of these management tools is simple and easy to use.

The apps below are effective tools for increasing personal and professional productivity - they are suitable for anyone who needs help organizing work flows, managing time, or increasing concentration.

Many of these apps have premium versions in addition to the free one, so it is worth noting that some of the described functions may be provided for a fee.

Best productivity programs

We have collected the best productivity software:

Microsoft Office

  • Microsoft Office. It is one of the most popular management tools for increasing productivity and control of employees, as well as for sharing important data within the team. Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Outlook are the main set of programs that help organize the full-fledged work of employees. They allow you to type and save text, work with spreadsheets, create presentations, and send important files to your team by email. OneDrive also provides online storage of all the files employees need.

Despite the fact that there are many alternative productivity apps, almost none of them will be able to catch up with MS Office. Since this tool provides reliability of data storage, the possibility of full-fledged work and cloud storage of data.

  • Asana. This tool has been helping to organize a full-fledged work since 2008.

The program was created for companies to monitor the actions of employees and guide them to improve results. Using this platform, you can create a to-do list for future projects, set deadline reminders and send progress reports to colleagues.

Asana is one of the excellent productivity apps for organizing projects in the form of a list, and using the search you can find all your past projects.

  • Bitrix24. The functionality of this program has a wide range of capabilities from messaging, making phone calls, processing files and reports, and control over employees. Thanks to the amazing CRM, you can register, send messages, files, reports, schedule meetings, record calls, etc. And also, which is convenient, you can use the mobile application.

Bitrix24 supports 12 users, we have a place to store 5 GB of data.

In general, Bitrix24 is a good program for start-up companies that will help them to work fully, develop and maintain an established relationship between employees.

  • TeamViewer. This environment is good because there are situations when you have taken a comfortable workplace at the moment, and the employees with whom you need to contact and the files stored on the computer that you now need to be located elsewhere. When properly installed and configured, this software will help employees access their data remotely from anywhere in the world. 

Also, thanks to TeamViewer, you can hold conferences, and meetings in any convenient mode - both audio and video. In addition, meetings can be recorded for further revision.

Also, importantly, the latest versions of TeamViewer allow screen sharing on iOS, which no other program will allow.

  • Trello. It is one of the good productivity tools for organizing, managing and sharing projects.

Another great thing about Trello is that it has a whole library of bonuses: Box, Evernote, GIPHY, GitHub, Hangouts, Join.me, Mailchimp, OneDrive, Salesforce, Slack, SmartDraw, SurveyMonkey, Twitter, ZenDesk.

Also, this program has a powerful thing like Cloud Aging. It starts to fade and crack when users haven't used it for a long time. The essence of this visual illusion is that it will allow users to see their cards that have not been used for a long time, which will save time.


  • Pocket. This is one of the cool management tools for those who are constantly looking for something in the browser, thereby accumulating a large number of open accounts, and also adds web pages to bookmarks and never use them.

Pocket is kind of a great place to store articles, videos, and other essential materials. You can also share your content with friends and colleagues. There is a free version that does its job well. You can also buy a Premium version that blocks ads and provides new features.

  • LastPass. Most people don't like the difficulty of creating, remembering, and entering different passwords. There is a decent solution for this problem - a password management tool. The best password manager is LastPass. Instead of the user spending time creating a unique and strong 16-character password, this program will generate a good and strong password itself, and store it in an encrypted vault. This will make the latest passwords available on all synced devices.

LastPass also has the function of remembering and using other important data for the user, such as filling out payment and delivery documents in stores. This application is supported on operating systems such as Android, iOS, Windows and Mac.

LastPass is free to use with all the features you need, but for users looking for more features, there is a Premium version, encrypted cloud storage and universal password exchange among a wider range of features.

There is also a family version of the LastPass manager. It allows you to manage all family passwords in one space, this saves users from blocking and in case of unpleasant circumstances, recover their password without difficulty.

These programs will help improve employee productivity and improve control over their work.

Additional good productivity programs


  • Buffer. It is a good social media manager that allows you to create and view statistics on the effectiveness of your SMS in social networks, showing them all in one place for the manager.

This application also allows you to plan, up to date and time, any posts on such social networks as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and others. It also doesn't force you to take over the management of your publications or schedule them. You can go to the Buffer manager, add your messages and publications to the queue, specify the time for sending or posting. Buffer will do the rest of the work for you in accordance with the schedule you set.

Also, one of the advantages of management tools as the Buffer is the support for RSS, which will make it possible to share the content you like from any site with just one click.

The excellent analytics of this manager also tracks likes, comments, clicks, and reposts. In fact, it is a good collector of statistics on your social media accounts, which will help you target the content that interests your audience the most.

Buffer can be used for free for one user to work with 3 accounts.

  • Join.me. Nowadays, there are many options and ideas on how to plan and organize a meeting, but these methods are not always so convenient and easy for the user.

Join.me allows you to organize a meeting with just a couple of clicks, or you can join an already scheduled meeting, for which you just need to enter the code in your browser. This is all a user might need to hold a meeting. Another benefit of using Join.me is that you don't need to download or install anything to create and join a meeting.

Also, all meetings taking place in Join.me can be recorded in order to revise the recording in the future to highlight the main points of the meeting, audio support allows the user to make calls and use the microphone. Moreover, you can broadcast your screen during the conference to other participants.

Links appear as add-ons, thanks to the chesm, you can create meetings and join them directly from browsers, so you can get to the necessary conference from anywhere in the world.

  • MetaCtrl Sync. This app helps sync data between Android devices and many popular cloud storage services like OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive and Box.

After you set up MetaCtrl Sync, all your subsequent new data will be uploaded to the cloud storage, and those files that went to the cloud will be uploaded to your device.

Simple synchronization on MetaCtrl Sync can be used for free, but the paid version allows users to work with multiple folders and blocks ads in the application.

More useful apps to improve your productivity

There are some other useful productivity apps as well.

Here are some of them:

    • Slack is a good communication and collaboration platform, and it also has a set of useful productivity tools. It can be considered as an independent platform with great functionality and a user-friendly graphical interface.


  • Discord. Users may think that this is a chat application for communicating during online games, but this is not true. It is a powerful platform for text and voice messaging, as well as making calls and video conferencing.

There are both mobile, desktop and online versions.

  • Zoho Cliq is also a great collaboration and productivity environment. The paid version has several advanced features for $ 3 a month.

Software time tracking as productivity tools

  • Clockify

Clockify is similar to a regular clock program like a timer, which allows you to track the amount of time to complete a specific task. Is a good solution for time tracking

  • Toggl 

This is the ultimate simple time tracking software. The functionality and capabilities of this platform allow you to sync and move between devices. The free version supports the use of the program by a team of up to 5 people.

  • Beeminder 

It's a nice app that lets you keep track of everything you might need in your daily life, things like jogging, going to the fitness room, and managing your to-do list. This program is available both as a downloaded program and as a web version.

With it, you have the opportunity to set your goal and track the process of achieving it. All information for reporting and statistics can be displayed in the form of a graph. Also, if you want to take complete control over your affairs and your productivity, you can link your account to your bank card and if your schedule is not followed, a certain amount will be debited from your card as a fine ...

  • RescueTime 


This is another useful tool for improving your productivity. It tracks all of your time spent on your various devices, including the use of various applications and website visits. You can also set goals, ideas and plan a to-do list. The application helps you see statistics on the time you spent using any application and visiting various sites. The collection and analysis of this information will help to improve the planning of your affairs and optimize the work process.

The free version of RescueTime gives you the ability to view data for 3 months of using this application. The paid versions of RescueTime have no limitations, they also have additional features, all for $ 6 a month.

Other applications to improve productivity

There are no less interesting and useful office suites for Android, such as:

  • Google workspace;
  • Polaris Office;
  • Zoho sheet;
  • AndrOpen Office.

These applications contain many features and are compatible with a large number of file types that are often not available on most other similar platforms.

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