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Portfoliobox 4 |  Learn Content & element Content Elements

Different types of elements

In your online portfolio, you can add elements below existing elements, e.g. you can add a border under your menu, or a button below a text. You can even reorder these elements.

There are different types of elements, sorted in categories.

Text elements

Text elements are Header 1, Header 2, Header 3, Paragraph and Short text.

Use headers to organise the content on your page. Headers elements have an HTML tag h1, h2 or h3 and are good for SEO. Try to have one Header 1 per page.

Text elements on Portfoliobox

Media elements

Media elements contain:

  • Image or Video: add a single image from your library
  • Slideshow: add several images from your library
  • Music: add a few sound tracks from Soundcloud
  • PDF: use this element to display a pdf on your website

Add media elements on your online portfolio

Link elements

Link elements allow you to add links to your site and contain:

  • Link: add a single link
  • Links: add several links
  • Social media: add social media links
  • Button: add a button
  • Logo: add your logo (image or text)

Add link elements on your Portfoliobox site

Form elements

Form elements allow you to add forms to your site. Note 

  • Contact form: a form that contains several field by default and a Send button.
  • Sign up form: a form that contains a single field by default and a Send button. Note that you can edit the form and add more fields to it.

Form elements

CV elements

CV elements allow you to add skills set and experience list to your online portfolio.

Add CV elements to your page

Structure elements

Structure elements allow you to columns and border to your content.

Add border or columns to your Portfoliobox site

Embed elements

Embed elements allow you to embed widgets on your portfolio.

Add widgets to your Portfoliobox site

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